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What better way to celebrate a new season than with a beautiful wispy Sunflower wreath! I love the unique design and movement of a wispy wreath. Ya’ll this is a perfect place to start if you are a beginner designer.

You will love how the sunflower cascade and greenery bring this design to the next level.

How to Make a Wispy Sunflower Wreath

Sunflowers always make me happy! They are so cheerful and remind me that spring has sprung and summer is near.

One of the best things about the spring season is all of the beautiful spring wreaths that can be made. Today, I am going to show you how to make a wispy sunflower wreath. Using several white sunflowers and the perfect variations of greenery. This project is easy to follow and doesn’t require any special skills – just some patience and careful hands. So let’s get started!

I can promise you that once you are done making your own wispy wreath for your front door, you will be thinking of all the different florals you can use to make your own creation. That is what I love most about teaching wreath designs. That once you learn a few techniques you can start creating and wreath making on your own.

I love guiding you through the step by steps of wreath making. Including teaching you why to do certain techniques. However, I can’t teach joy. Though I can only hope that you have such joy when you’re done creating.

Once you find joy in your own creations you will be able to keep making amazing wreaths. You will love making this to gift, sell, or even simply hang on your own front door. Trust me on this!

Come on, give this wreath a chance. Watch as I teach you step by step how to make the perfect spring wreath for your front door.

wispy sunflower wreath on a detached door



  • Cut evergreen pieces into smaller sections
  • Follow the flow of your wispy wreath and add some greenery to top, using your hot glue. Rotate your wreath clockwise and add some greenery every 4-5 inches or so, spaced evenly around. You want your greenery to flow well with the movement of your wreath base. Cover any hot glue with some Spanish moss.
  • Next, grab your yellow flower bunch and use your wire cutters to trim them down into smaller pieces. Fluff the branches to make them fuller.
  • Dip the end into the glue pot and add the yellow flowers in between your greenery, rotating your wreath as you go, until you have done the whole wreath. Cover any hot glue with some Spanish moss.
  • Add the first sunflower stem to the top of your wreath using a cable tie to secure it into the base. Trim the excess cable tie with your wire cutters. Use your Spanish moss to cover the cable tie.
  • Dip a second sunflower stem into your glue pot and place it under the previous sunflower.
  • Take a second bush of your evergreen and use your wire cutters to trim into smaller stems. Add some greenery at the top, bottom, and middle of your sunflowers with your hot glue. Place one more piece of greenery to the left of your sunflowers, following the movement of the wispy wreath base.
  • Cover any exposed hot glue with your Spanish moss. Add some more yellow flower stems just above the Sunflower cluster. Go ahead and add one more yellow flower stem in your Sunflower cluster, securing it with your hot glue.
  • Grab your last sunflower stem and dip the bottom in your hot glue. Place it at the bottom of your sunflower cluster. Use a cable tie to secure the sunflower stems, helping them cascade downward. Cover with some Spanish moss.
  •  Let’s add some lambs ear to our wreath. Cut your lamb’s ear bush into 7 or 8 smaller stems. Start by placing some on the top of your sunflowers and work your way down through the sunflower cascade. You can place them in there before you hot glue them to see if you like them. Secure the lamb’s ear with hot glue when you are happy with its placement.
  • Add one more yellow filler flower stem in the middle of your Sunflower cascade.
  • Turn your wreath around and steal a few twigs with your wire cutters. Add the twigs throughout your sunflower cascade, securing them with hot glue. Make any adjustments you need and enjoy your beautiful wreath!

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