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Carrot Spring Wreath

January 26, 2022 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Easter, Spring, Wreaths

This beautiful Spring Wreath is a perfect way to celebrate the upcoming season. I love how it features different textures and colors, as well as highlighting some spring cream-colored berries making it the perfect carrot spring wreath for your front door!

How To Make A Carrot Spring Wreath

This design is simple yet a show-stopper and will be a fun and festive addition to your Spring and Easter décor. I have shared plenty of bow recipes you can choose from to compliment this premade wreath base.

There’s no better way, especially in Texas, to make an impact than to go big! That is exactly what I am doing here. Using this large Carrot twig form and building a festive Spring design around our focal point. We have some long and lanky Ivy greenery that will offset the large Carrot and draw your eye to the length of the wreath. Then we are going to fill in the rest of our design with bright-colored Spring greenery to offset the long Ivy. I just love the contrast of the greenery and the pop of brightness with the cream berries.

carrot themed wreath for spring

The funky bow we made during “Bow Wednesday” will be a great compliment to the large Carrot. I really do like how the patterned ribbons complement each other and the colors of the wreath. I especially adore the black check ribbon and the contrast it brings to the bow design. Everything from the berry bush to the variety of greenery works together to create this Spring wreath that you can make in under thirty minutes. Grab your supplies and watch as I show you how it’s done!


  • Start with an 18” grapevine wreath base with an orange carrot twig form mounted on the right-hand side. Separate your Eucalyptus greenery into tall individual stems.
  • Now add three stems on the top of your wreath base using hot glue to secure. Cover any hot glue you see with Spanish Moss. Add three more Eucalyptus stems on the bottom evenly spaced.
  • Take your cream berry and leaf stem and separate them into smaller pieces. Fill in the berry and leaf stem between the Eucalyptus greenery around your wreath base. Use the long stems on the ends to draw your eye out the whole length of the design. Try to mirror the placement of greenery on the top and bottom of your base.
  • We are going to add our “Funky Bow” we made for Bow Wednesday using 1 ½” black and white gingham ribbon and 2 ½” natural black and white check with bunnies and carrots. Attach your bow in between the greenery on the left side with your cable tie. 
  • Grab your orange carrot picks and tear them apart. Add a few carrot picks underneath your bow facing downward trying to compliment the angle of the large carrot twig.
  • Fill in the top of your wreath using the rest of your carrots using hot glue. Try to mirror the placement of the bottom.
  • Now let’s add some more greenery with white berries to compliment the white polka-dot on the carrot. Separate the bush into five pieces and add three on the top and two on the bottom. Add any extra greenery into any holes you may find.

Tips and Tricks to Making a Spring Wreath

It’s usually a good rule of thumb to use two or three different varieties of greenery in each design or project. You also could use flowers as filler. In this design we used a berry bush as filler, instead of flowers, to complement the green on our carrot. Just remember to play with the options you have. Change out the flowers and greenery to make your design your own and enjoy your Spring Carrot wreath!

When Should I Put Up My Spring Wreath?

You should put up your spring wreath two to three weeks before Good Friday. This way you have time for it and can enjoy the season of renewal. This is the same for any seasonal wreath.

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