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This rose garden wreath is perfect for crafters of all levels! If you’re a beginner, it’s a great project to start with. And if you’re more experienced, you can add your own personal touch. Either way, the results are sure to be beautiful. So why not give it a try?

Pink Rose Garden Wreath

I love the finished look of this wreath because it looks like it just came out of the garden. You will love making this wreath as you work alongside me in this Rose Garden Wreath tutorial. Give your home a fresh look for spring and summer. You can totally do this wreath design!

A rose garden wreath with pink and white roses is easy to make. Using cream and pink roses, greenery, and a grapevine form. Don’t forget your premade bows. These are simple but if you need more help in your bowmaking skills be sure to check out my bow-making post. I love to follow bow recipes and you will too!

Yours could have a different look depending on how you add in the greenery. That is why I love coming live and freestyling with you. Even though we are using the same supplies you may decide you want your bow placed elsewhere and that is OK!

In my design school, I teach all about how to design and be confident in your wreath-making skills. I would love to have you join me. Check out Kelea’s Design School and get on the waiting list today!

wreath with white and pink roses and bows on a stressed wooden door


  • Add your greenery on the outside of the edge of your wreath. Use hot glue on the stem before pushing it into the wreath form.
  • Place your cream roses into the design. Placing a stem in the top middle and one in the bottom. Basically diagonally from the top one, you secured.
  • Attach the first bow with a cable tie a little above the left-center.
  • Using the second premade bow attach to the right side towards the bottom. You are going to do this the same as the cream roses, in a diagonal from each other.
  • With the cream colored roses add another cluster under the left side bow.
  • Time to add in the pink roses. Add them in between the spots of the pre made bows and the cream roses. Make these nice and tight into your wreath.
  • Fill in any empty spaces with your leftover greenery pieces.

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