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How To Make Christmas Bows

October 9, 2020 | Bow Tutorials, Christmas, DIY Seasonal Decor

Many people are always asking me how to tie those perfect bows during Christmas. I decided to start helping you master the craft of tying bows for the Christmas holiday by sharing with you simple recipes for making gorgeous bows.

I am going to teach you how to make Christmas bows using two simple recipes for tying bows.

decorative christmas bows with ribbons

Make Your Own Decorative Christmas Bows

These Christmas bows are super simple and will help not take away from your floral arrangements. Let’s get started!

Supplies Needed to Make Christmas Bows

Tools Need to Make Christmas Bows

decorative christmas bows with ribbons

How to Make 1-2 Christmas Bows

  1. Following the 1-2 recipe using a 4-inch ribbon. If you have text on your ribbon you will want to cross over the ribbon very lose and gather simply in the middle. This will help keep your wording going correctly. Once you have it gathered in the middle push it down into your easy bow maker.
  2. This is reversing the recipe into a 1-2.
  3. Pull your tails to 20 inches. With 4 inch ribbon, I always get the bottom straight, no angling. I then take the end and fold over slightly underneath and tack it with a little hot glue.
  4. Time to grab your second ribbon. The ribbon it the video uses a ribbon that the Santa is going in both directions so no need to worry about the direction of this ribbon.
  5. Using the second ribbon start by making the end of the ribbon straight like the first ribbon. Make your ribbon tails an inch shorter than your first tail you just made.
  6. Now make your loops at 6 and a half inches. You will repeat this twice leaving you with two loops on each side.
  7. You can fold under the tails and tack with glue on these tails as well.
  8. Now go back and fluff your loops and position them how you want them.
  9. Grab your 8-inch cable tie and run underneath and pull tight but not too tight.
  10. If you feel creative this bow can also have a cute ornament in the middle.
  11. Now with the bow flipped over-attach the longer cable tie that will help you attach your bow to your project through the back of the cable tie that is holding your bow secure in the center.
  12. To cover up the cable ties grab any ribbon you think will look great and cut a little piece and use it cover up your cable ties.
decorative christmas bows with ribbons

How to Create 2-1 Christmas Bows

  1. Grab two different 2.5-inch ribbon to make this Christmas bow creation.
  2. Measure out 20-inch tails and come to the center and twist. No need to worry about the direction of this ribbon but check your pattern and see how it is printed on your ribbon.
  3. Make the first loop 7 inches and twist then measure out 7 inches on the other side and scrunch it. Then make the second tail 20 inches as well. Trim the tails over the square and fold over and tack with a little hot glue.
  4. Now make the next tail on the other side you didn’t start the first one. Repeat the same steps again with 7-inch loops on each side and scrunch in the middle. Cut your tails a little shorter than your first and fold over by bending the wire.
  5. Now it is time to add in your second ribbon. Go ahead and cut your tail into a square and fold it under.
  6. Measure out your tail about a half an inch shorter and make your one loop at 6 and a half inches and repeat on the other side and scrunch. This is why it is called a 2-1 bow. 2 loops with the first ribbon and just one loop with the second.
  7. Now you want to run your cable tie around the center to hold it place but do not make it super tight yet.
  8. Now thread your longer cable tie along the back side. This is where you will be securing your bow to your craft.
  9. Now you can go ahead and tighten that center cable tie to secure it all tightly in place.
  10. Finish this bow off by folding a piece of ribbon to cover your center to cover the cable ties. Match this ribbon with your bow. Now trim your excess of that ribbon off
decorative christmas bows with ribbons

Now go get started making your own Christmas Bows for this Holiday season!


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