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Make Your Own Haunted House Centerpiece

August 5, 2020 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Halloween

Looking for an easy, simple project?  One where you just put a few supplies together?  Some supplies you may even have tucked away in your craft drawer.  Look no further!  This haunted house centerpiece is such a cute and quick design. 

This cake stand craft allows you to switch out seasonally and an added bonus you can also continue to use your stand for food!

DIY Haunted House Centerpiece

Kelea making a haunted house centerpiece with an orange haunted house and large bow with picks

Tools Needed For A Haunted House Party Decorative Cake Stand:

  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • EZ Bow Maker

Supplies Needed to Make a Haunted House Party Decorative Cake Stand:

  • Decorative Cake Stand (optional)
  • 4 different kinds of coordinating 2.5” wire ribbon 
  • Floral Foam Sheet
  • Picks and Frills
  • Paper Halloween House with Witch (or focal point of your choice)
  • U Pins
  • Sewing Push Pins
  • Zip ties

Step by Step to Make a Halloween Decorative Centerpiece

  1.  Cut floral foam to a size that covers the surface area of the focal piece (Witch House). 
  2. I found it best that if you cut out two blocks and stacked them on top of each other gives you the best height.
  3. Make sure you use your best kitchen knife to cut foam. You just need to be able to score through the foam. 
    Note:  Foam blocks will not be glued to the base of your riser.  
  4. Dip U pins in glue. 
  5. Now Push them through foam blocks all the way around to secure them together.  Putting two blocks together creates height.  You can make it as high as you would like.  
  6. Apply glue to the bottom of your focal piece which will be the witch house.  Set the focal piece on top of the foam blocks at an angle. It’s ok that some of your witch house hangs off the foam blocks.  
  7. Go around the base of the foam blocks with your choice of ribbon.  Secure the ribbon with regular sewing pins as you go around.  Any color or kind will do. 
  8. An orange pin head would make a cute accent!  Trim off any extra ribbon.  Depending on how high your foam block is will determine how many times you will need to go around with your ribbon. 

    The remaining ribbon will be used to make a bow.  

Making the Bow for Your Halloween Decorative Centerpiece

Grab your EZ Bow Maker and let’s get started with the bow.

  1. Using the first color 2.5″ wired ribbon, measure out your tail length and insert your ribbon into the EZ Bow Maker pegs.
  2. Measure out loops and twist the ribbon to keep the pretty facing outward. Make 2 loops on each side.
  3. Scrunch the ribbon down into the pegs to hold your bow in place.
  4. Cut that first spool off, leaving a tail on the opposite side.
  5. Using the second 2.5″ ribbon, measure out your tail.
  6. Measure out loops and twist the ribbon to keep the pretty facing outward. Make 1 loop on each side, keeping those loops at the center so it sits in between the loops from the first layer.
  7. Using the third color 2.5 wired ribbon, measure out the tail, inserting your ribbon into the EZ Bow Maker pegs.
  8. Measure out loops and twist the ribbon to keep the pretty facing outward. Make 2 loops on each side, following the same layer as step #2.
  9. Zip tie it together but do not tighten the zip tie all the way. Fluff out your bow before you tighten it all the way. 
  10. You do not want to forget to give the tails of your bow some attention. Roll the bottom of the ribbon tails toward the center of the bow.
  11. Grab some extra ribbon and fold it up to hide your zip tie in the middle of the bow.

Adding Filler Pieces

  1. Place your beautiful bow on the bottom corner of your foam block using U Pins to secure in place. Dip U Pin in glue for extra security.  
  2. Add frills and picks of your choice on top of the foam block, right beside your focal point.  It will resemble a little tree.  
  3. Any remaining foam that is visible can be covered by dissembling picks and gluing balls around the foam.  Create and decorate to your whimsical heart’s desire!

There you have the most perfect simple Haunted House Party Halloween Centerpiece craft to help add a simple but beautiful Halloween decor to your home!


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