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Transform a Metal Tin Tray Into a Halloween Candy Tray

July 31, 2020 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Halloween

Looking for a simple craft project to help turn some leftover craft supplies into something cute and fun? Then this Halloween candy tray is project is perfect! All you will need to do is gather your leftover Halloween supplies you may have in your home. These could be from a wreath you just finished making! Don’t forget though to purchase a metal tin tray from your local craft store or use something similar you have laying around.

You will love how simple this craft project is and it turns out so cute! If you do not have leftover supplies you can grab some colorful Halloween Stems from our online store!

Making a DIY Halloween Candy Tray Out of a Tin Tray

Tools Needed to Make a Metal Halloween Candy Tray

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Wire Cutters

Supplies Needed to Make a Metal Halloween Candy Tray

How to Transform a Metal Tin Tray Into a Halloween Candy Tray

  1. Take your metal tray and paint it black since we are doing this for Halloween! I suggest using Kylon gloss paint you can purchase at Walmart or Lowes. You can reuse this to paint wreaths as well. No need to paint the bottom because no one will see the bottom. 
  2. Look around your home for unused craft pieces. I am using extra styrofoam balls from a Glitter multi-color Halloween Ball Stem I had leftover.
  3. Take your wire cutters and cut off some styrofoam balls from that steam and take a knife and cut a slit in the top half.
  4. Now take the slit and slide it on the edge of the tray. Add a little glue in the slit before placing it on the edge.
  5. If you want accent pieces choose 4 different styrofoam balls designs for your corners. 
  6. You can also develop your design first before you glue any of it down. Layout your pieces you have gathered or bought and see how it looks before gluing, or just go for it!
  7. I took 2 pinwheel pieces from the Halloween Candy Stem and spaced them evenly on the long side of the metal tray.
  8. Then I glued on each side of those pinwheel pieces a green styrofoam ball between them. 
  9. Do this on both the long sides of the tray. 
  10. Now add a purple styrofoam ball between the corner balls and the pinwheels.
  11. You can try adding different color balls to what pattern you love, or follow exactly what I did!
  12. Once you like your pattern and design glue it all down
  13. You can add feet to the bottom if you like by gluing extra styrofoam balls to the bottom corners. Take your tray and flip it upside down and you may need to prop it up on something so you do not squish your pinwheels. 
  14. Glue 4 orange styrofoam balls to the bottom corners of the tray!

There you have it! Now you have a new design to use for Halloween candy, a Halloween themed floral arrangement, or even to set Halloween decorations out on!


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