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How To Make A Bow Using A Wired Ribbon

March 30, 2023 | Bow Tutorials

Bows are beautiful. Bows are all the things you need to add to any DIY craft. And, it’s important to learn how to make a bow using wired ribbon. This step by step tutorial will give you the peace of mind and confidence to create beautiful bows using wired ribbon. Let me show you how easy it is to make a bow with different width and using fancy 4” Ribbon to add to any floral arrangement, or possibly an Easter Basket if you desire

Make A Bow Using a Wired Ribbon

Friends, let me begin by saying this… You can make beautiful bows! Repeat after me. “I can make beautiful bows!” You do not have to leave it to the experts to do it for you. With some practice and patience, you will become that talented expert. And with my step by step help, I’d like to add, you will reach that expertise level sooner than you thought was even possible.

4″ wired ribbon for bows does not have to be scary to work with. Creating a large, gorgeous bow with any ribbon, that you can use on your wreath or floral arrangements and designs, is attainable.  Bows are a fun, pretty, and easy way to add a touch of beauty to your wreaths, floral arrangements, and home décor. This bow tutorial teaches you how I make a wreath bow using different widths. This bow recipe is excellent as an Easter bow, or quite frankly, for any reason or season, a bow is wanted.

I am an 80s child through and through. Love plaid. I love the iridescent look, too. And I LOVE to use them together, which was so common back in the day. And thank goodness it is coming back in style. This beautiful pairing of ribbons would look great on any floral arrangements. Especially something with gorgeous lavender flowers. Stunning indeed. This 1-2-1 bow recipe is just waiting for you to make it! Let’s get started! 


  • Grab your 4” ribbon and your EZ Bow Maker. Fold up and crease the edge to save your ribbon from fraying. 
  • Measure out your first 20” ribbon tail. Come to the center, pinch and twist in the middle, really scrunching down your ribbon, since it is so thick.
  • Create your first 7” loop. Pull back through the center, to repeat making your second loop on the other side. Trim your second tail. Fold your edges. 
  • Grab your 2nd ribbon, and create a nice edge by folding up the ends.
  • Repeat this next layer of bow, creating smaller loops, about 6”. You will have a total of 4 loops in all in this layer, 2 on each side. Remember to keep it real loopy.
  • Bring back your 4” ribbon. Carefully trim the wire ends. Create your center loops with 5” in this layer. 
  • Repeat steps to complete the last layer of your 1-2-1 ratio bow. 
    Trim the other tail, being sure to fold up the end. 
  • Secure in the center with your cable tie. Don’t pull too tight just yet. 
  • Insert a 2nd cable tie for easy addition later on to floral arrangements. Keep open.
  • Pull first cable tie tight, and trim excess. Complete your bow by adding a small section over the center mechanics. Fold in half, and tie on the back nice and tight.

Have fun deciding where to add this beautiful bow. You can’t go wrong with whatever you decide!

What Else Can a Bow Like This Be Added To?

This is such a great question, especially this time of year. Can you imagine adding this to a beautiful Easter basket? And can you imagine how beautiful it would be if the Easter basket was white? AHHHHHH! Stunning, y’all. And if you don’t have an easter basket, stick it on a pretty little floral arrangement filled with lavender flowers, because we all know it will look fabulous there!

Why Do You Fold Your Ribbon Edges?

When working with higher-quality ribbons, there are many perks. They are beautiful. Duh. They are sturdy. Also, you do not have to use as much of it, because it is beautiful in its simplest forms, but also because it is easier to manipulate. One downfall is that the fabric is more likely to fray over time. I fold the edges because this helps your bows look fabulous for longer periods. This simple step will help protect them from that. 

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