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DIY Ladybug Door Hanger

June 3, 2021 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Our Favorite Designs, Summer

Let’s make a Ladybug door hanger wreath! This is gonna be the perfect simple and easy decoration for your front door or entrance. Want to make all your guests wish they had one too? Then follow along in this step-by-step video tutorial as I show you how!

DIY Ladybug Door Hanger

I just love ladybugs and how they are such the perfect decoration right now for summer décor. I love mixing red, whites and blacks together and this ladybug door hanger does that so perfectly! In this video, I will show you how easy it is to do a simple project as well as give you confidence in your wreath-making abilities.

ladybug door hanger with flowers and a bow

With simple crafts like this one, you can have a finished product in less than 30 minutes. With a premade door hanger all you have to do is add a foam block to give your hanger some dimension and add in a few floral pieces and coordinating ribbon tails and bows. Making 3-dimensional door hangers are my favorites lately! This helps you add your own special touch to the door hanger as well as height and dimension just like we did in the Pink Daisy Door Hanger.

Follow along with me in this video as I break it down easy for you to make your own ladybug door hanger. As you make this wreath alongside me I hope you gain all the tips and tricks needed to help you start creating your own front door decor. Looking to learn more about how to be confident and create beautiful floral designs then be sure to join me in Kelea’s design school!

Go have fun with flowers and can’t wait to see what you create!


  • Lady Bug Burlap Door Hanger

  • Red, White, floral spray

  • Ribbon

  • Daisy Filler Stem

  • Hot glue

  • Floral Pins

  • Floral Foam block


  • Find your wire intersection before gluing your foam floral block. Dip floral block into hot glue pot and hold in place. Now flip over and add a floral pin to help secure it nice and tight.
  • Using your floral spray cut it into three pieces. Shake hands with each piece and push them into the top and bottom of your floral foam block. You should have a piece sticking out of all four sides of your block.
  • Make ribbon tails and attach to the bottom of the foam block. Cut each ribbon at 22 inches and gather in the middle and attach at the center point with a floral pin.
  • Make a two loop bow and floral pin it into the top of your floral foam. Fluff your loops once secure.
  • Add in one loop and two tails of your lady bug ribbon and pin it right in the middle of your bow you just placed.
  • Attach some wire to your smaller lady bug that way you can push it right into your foam block. Add hot glue to your wire before pushing it in. Figure out the direction you want before placing. You can do whatever you desire!
  • Add in daisy filler pieces. Just pop in where you feel you need a filler.
ladybug door hanger with flowers and a bow

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