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21 Christmas Ribbon Perfect for Holiday Decorating

September 25, 2020 | Christmas, DIY Seasonal Decor, Our Favorite Designs

Glitter, sequences, burlap oh my! I am sharing with you my top 25 favorite Christmas ribbon to use when creating holiday decor!

You can find great use out of these ribbon spools below! Check out this amazing list I have compiled and see what creativity sparks in your brain when checking out these 25 Christmas themed ribbon perfect for decorating!

21 Christmas Ribbon Perfect for Decorating

If you check out my tutorials you’ll see that there’s ways to decorate everyday home decor pieces with a simple bow. Transform them into the perfect Christmas decoration. From lanterns, centerpiece, and even Christmas trees.

Striped and Plaid Christmas Ribbon

2.5" Burlap and Glitter Orange Railroad Ribbon

2.5″ Burlap and Glitter Orange Railroad Ribbon

On a 10 yard roll with Green and Orange Edge, this Burlap Glitter Orange Railroad Ribbon will be perfect for Thanksgiving craft you are thinking about making.

red pink and white peppermint stripe ribbon

2.5″ Red Pink and White Peppermint Stripe Ribbon

On a 10 yard roll try using this ribbon to help bring more colors to your Christmas wreath. Love that the pink helps bring a little more color scheme to the project you use this ribbon in.

red and lime green velvet stripe ribbon

4″ Red and Lime Velvet Stripes Ribbon

Can I just say how amazing this lime green pops on this red and lime velvet striped ribbon. This roll is 10 yards and a go to ribbon for me when making anything Christmas themed.

red and white candy stripe ribbon

2.5″ Red White Candy Cane Stripe Ribbon

This ribbon comes on a 50 yard roll. With red and white stripes and a beautiful edge of red sequences you can use this ribbon for most any Christmas themes bow you are designing.

christmas ribbon with white polka dots and red plaid

2.5″ Red and White Plaid with White Glitter Dots Ribbon

Glitter and dots are so dreamy. Get creative this Christmas season and make a fabulous bow using this ribbon. You will not be disappointed.

red glitter plaid over green background

2.5″ Green with Glitter Red and White Diagonal Check Ribbon

Looking for a ribbon to add to DIY Snowman Wreath that will be perfect for the Christmas Holiday but still will be able to leave up through the winter months.

Fun and Whimsical Christmas Designs

white ribbon with red green and blue christmas lights

1.5″ Blue Red and Green Glitter Christmas Lights Ribbon

With a solid white background and glitter Christmas lights in green, red, and blue you can not ask for a more perfect Christmas ribbon to add to your Holiday themed ribbon collection.

red white and green striped ribbon with peppermint candy

2.5″ Red White and Green Ribbon with Candy Print

With red, white, and green stripes filled with different candy cane swirls you will be able to find many uses for this Christmas themed ribbon. This roll comes on a 10 yard roll and would be great in a wreath paired with some red, green, and white ball stems.

pink ribbon with assorted ornaments

2.5″ Pink Ribbon with Assorted Ornaments print

Looking to help add more color to your Christmas decor that is not just red and green then this is the ribbon for you. WIth a pink solid background and colorful ornaments that have teal, lime green, white, and even a pop of black really help break up the typically Christmas colors you see.

dachschund dress up for christmas printed on burlap ribbon

2.5″ Christmas Dog with Candy Canes Ribbon

If you are a dog lover this is the ribbon for you to use for your next Christmas tree topper bow.

gingerbread printed on white ribbon with red and green trim

2.5″ Gingerbread with Red White Green Edge Ribbon

On a 10 yard roll, this Gingerbread ribbon is oh so cute. This is a great ribbon to use when making a big bow with lots of ribbons together. Just remember when tying your bow when using a character ribbon to make sure they are running the right way!

candy canes painted on burlap ribbon

2.5″ Christmas Candy on Burlap Ribbon

With 10 yards on this roll you will love creating with this Christmas Candy on Burlap Ribbon.

green and white elf shoes on red ribbon

2.5″ Red Ribbon with Elf Shoes Ribbon

I love all things Elf and love using this Red Ribbon with Elf Shoes in many of my Christmas wreaths, tree topper bows, and even wrapping presents.

red ribbon with snowmen and snowflakes

2.5″ Red Ribbon with Snowman and Snowflakes

The red on this ribbon really help the snowman and snowflakes pop. This roll comes with 10 yards or ribbon.

Classic Christmas Design

holly and berry christmas ribbon

1.5″ Holly and Berry Ribbon

When making a greenery wreath for the Christmas Holiday this Holly and Berry Ribbon comes on a 10 yard roll and will help add the final touch to your wreath creations.

classic santa claus painted on burlap ribbon

2.5″ Classic Santa on Burlap Ribbon

I can not say enough how beautiful this Santa is when used in a ribbon on a grapevine wreath. This Classic Santa Burlap ribbon comes on a 10 yard roll.

ginger bread themed christmas ribbon

2.5″ Gingerbread Houses on Burlap Ribbon

I love using burlap and this 10 yard roll of Gingerbread houses with gingerbread men topped with snow makes for a great ribbon to use on any winter themed wreath or decor.

Winter Themed Ribbon

snow flocked net winter ribbon

2.5″ Snow Flocked Net Ribbon

A great ribbon to use when making any winter or even Christmas themed wreath or center pieces. You will love how this ribbon helps add the snow effect. This roll is only 10 yards.

silver webbing with glitter ribbon

2.5″ Silver Webbing With Glitter Ribbon

If you are looking for a silver ribbon to use in a winter themed craft I love this one. It has the perfect glitter to help it shimmer.

Natural With Snow Flocked Net Ribbon

2.5″ Natural With Snow Flocked Net Ribbon

With a net form with white snow like appearance would be great to use on a wreath you are wanting to get a snowy look. You can even use this ribbon on a mantel to help give a snowy look.

2.5" wired Christmas ribbon with deer in the woods with snowflakes

2.5″ Deer in Woods and Snowflakes Ribbon

You will find this ribbon is a great scenic print of deer in the woods with snowflakes scattered. This will be perfect to add to a wreath to switch it from a Christmas look to a winter theme. That way you can keep it up past Christmas.

Share in the comments which ribbons you purchased! Love knowing what goodies are being sent your way!


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