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Cute DIY Snowman Wreath to Brighten the Holidays

September 11, 2020 | Christmas, DIY Seasonal Decor, Wreath Tutorials

This snowman wreath is such a cute wreath to make. You will be using lots of fun pieces and colors that help turn your wreath form into a fun fabulous focal point this winter.

Grab your supplies and tools you need to make a Snowman Wreath and let’s get started!

Supplies for a DIY Snowman Wreath

Tools Needed for a Snowman Wreath

How to Make a Snowman Wreath

  1. Start by examining your wreath. The right side of this wreath will be left exposed so take a look and see which section of your wreath form looks the best. This will be the section you will leave empty so go ahead and get your wreath positioned so that section is your top right.
  2. Check out your snowman and find some attachment points. Poke a hole in and out so you can attach the snowman to the wreath.
  3. Thread a cable tie through the holes you just created. You will then thread it through your wreath form.
  4. Now you have your Snowman Burlap plush on the left side of your wreath. Be sure to cut your extra zip tie strands off.
  5. Now to start building your wreath around your snowman.
  6. Cut 5 pieces off your garland and see how many we will end up using. You will need to move these pieces around to look their best.
  7. Dip the end of a piece of garland into your glue pot. Push it upward into your grapevine wreath and it leaves your greenery hanging downward.
  8. Continue around under your snowman and do the same thing with your greenery garland piece
  9. Now with your third piece of garland dip it in your glue pot and place it on the left side coming out horizontal from the wreath.
  10. With the fourth piece of garland after dipping in into hot glue stick it towards the top of your wreath on the right side. This greenery will be sticking out horizontal as well.
  11. The fifth piece of garland you will be placing it on the left side of his hat.
  12. Time to place your bow! The bow will attach on the right side in the middle. Using your zip tie just tie and secure it by pulling the zip tie tight.
  13. Taking your snowy garland and work therm around the top of the wreath and then move and put a few pieces in the bottom left.
  14. Take a look and see if you think there needs to be a few more and if so happily add them in.
  15. Put a stick into your foam ball so you can place it into the wreath and position it right.
  16. Add one ball to the bottom left of the snowman, another at the top left of his hat and the 3rd right above the bow.
  17. To secure the balls just dip the stick into the hot glue pot. You will trim the spick down from the back once it is secure, you can use a floral pin to secure it as well.
  18. Taking your peppermint stick picks and place them around your wreath. Place one in the bottom left of your snowman.
  19. Take another peppermint stick pick and put to the left of the snowman hats and adding your last on on the top right.
  20. To finish your wreath take some glitter red ball stems and cut them into groups.
  21. Place one in the underside of the bow.
  22. Adding the next 3 around the left side spaced out. You can place them and see how you like them then go back and glue them once you are happy.
  23. To off set the placement of the balls just place your black and white polka dot stems by dipping them into glue and add a few pieces around the wreath. Adding some fun polka dot festive pieces.

How to Tie the Bow for Snowman Wreath

  1. Pull your ribbon out 20 inches and hold it in your hand. Wince this ribbon has written on it you need to be careful making your loops.
  2. Make the first loop at 7 inches and bring it over the top to keep the ribbon in the right direction
  3. Now slide the center of your bow into the center of your EZ bow maker.
  4. Fix your loops to be nice and fluffed
  5. Ducktail the ends of the bow
  6. Now switch the ribbon spool on your EZ Bowmaker
  7. Take your ribbon and make two loops at 6 and 1/2 inches. Making a total of 4 loops with two on each side.
  8. Make loops of on each side and pull your tails down to be just a bit shorter than your first tails.
  9. Take your 3rd color ribbon and thread it through the center of your bow maker and pull the tail down and duck tali the tail.
  10. Just make two black loops at 6 and 1/2 inches and make it the same on the other side.
  11. Now with the last color thread it through the center of your EZ bow maker and make these loops at 5 and 1/2 inches.
  12. Do a total of 4 loops.
  13. Pull the tails down of the last color and ducktail them. Having each color be a bit shorter than the last color ribbon you did.
  14. Come back now with the first ribbon you used, in your hands make two loops and scrunch it in your fingers and push it in the center of your EZ Bowmaker.
  15. Take a look and see how it looks, you may have to move some things around to get your bow the way you want it.
  16. Take your cable tie and put it right through the center.
  17. Now while holding your bow tigh tin your hand fluff your bow.
  18. Use your wire cutters to cut off the excess zip tie after pulling it tight
  19. Take a piece of ribbon and cover your zip tie that you can see in the center of your bow. Just tie it around the cable tie to hide it.

Be sure to share with us in the comments your Snowman Wreath creation you just made!


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