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DIY Tree Topper Bow, Decorate Like a Designer

September 10, 2020 | Bow Tutorials, Christmas, DIY Seasonal Decor

Are you ready for Christmas? I sure am! I just finished decorating all my trees, All I have left to add are the tree topper bows so thought I would share with you how to add the perfect bow for the top of your Christmas tree.

Yes, you read that right all my tress! I just love decorating for Christmas and really enjoy putting up different trees around my home. This helps everyone get what they want!

the process of making a tree topper bow, ribbon layered onto a bow maker

Supplies Needed to make a Tree Topper Bows

Tools Needed to Make a Tree Topper Bow

How to Make a Tree Topper Bow for a 7-Foot Tree

  1. Start by measuring out 40 inches of ribbon for your tail, pull tail forward and twist it
  2. We will be doing 7-inch loops on this bow.
  3. Measure out 7 inches and twist, then repeat.
  4. Fluff the loops out as you make them
  5. You will keep pulling off ribbon off your spoiled
  6. Keep making loops, at this point you should have 3 loops on each side.
  7. Aim for 5 loops at 7 inches with 4 on each side.
  8. Do not worry if your ribbon pattern is sitting right or wrong because it will be sitting on top of the tree
  9. To make the tail measure out 40 inches and cut
  10. Now you have a tail up and a tail down and 5 loops on each side.
  11. Come in now with a coordinating color ribbon
  12. With this one make the tail the same exact length to match.
  13. Start it opposite of the other tail to get spacing with your tails
  14. Measure out 40 inches and twist and put in the center of the bow maker
  15. For the coordinating ribbon color, you will only be making 4 loops
  16. Measure out your loop to be 6.5 inches and twist, you should have 2 loops now
  17. You should repeat this until you have 4 loops on each side.
  18. Fluff your bow loops as you make them.
  19. Every time you come back to the middle until you get to your last one you measure it out to the same exact length of your previous tail. Just like with the first ribbon you have one tail up and one tail down.
  20. Now you grab your first ribbon pattern back and measure your tail 40 inches and twist in the middle
  21. This time you are doing 3 loops with the first ribbon making 6-inch loops, making 3 on each side.
  22. Be sure to keep fluffing the loops out and positioning them as you make your loops by twisting.
  23. Making sure all your tails are the same length and positioning them
  24. Grab your second ribbon color and measure your tail out the same length and twist
  25. Make your loops 5 and 3 quarters and making 3 loops on each side.
  26. Just like with all the other tails measure this tail out 40 inches.
  27. Take a tinsel green stem and a 14 inches cable tie, slid it underneath your center and pull up and connect your cable tie and pull it a little tight
  28. Place your tinsel green stem you will use this to attach to your tree. Slide it into the back of the cable tie.
  29. Don’t let go of the center you want to keep holding pressure
  30. Start fluffing and make sure your tails are spaced out and start putting loops between loops
  31. You should start seeing your tree topper filling out and looking fabulous
  32. Now tighten your cable tie as tight as you can get it
  33. Take wire cutters and cut the excess of your cable tie off
  34. You can place a little piece of ribbon and cover the center of the mechanics of the bow. This helps it look very professional.

How to attach your tree topper bow to the top of the tree

  1. Make sure you can see the very top of your tree
  2. Organize your tails and grab the piece where you are attaching
  3. Place your bow facing towards the top (ceiling)
  4. Pull your tails down and pull them down, fix your loops and fluff
  5. Now spread your tails out and place them where you want them, you can feed them through your tree, or you can twirl them down.
  6. Once you have it all pretty take your added tinsel green stem that you put in the back of your bow just secure it to the top of your tree by twisting it around till it is tight and secured.

Be sure to share with us in the comments the tree toppers you have made this Christmas Season!

DIY tree topper bow made with red and green ribbons

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