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Black and White Pumpkin Centerpiece for Fall

July 8, 2020 | Floral Designs Tutorials

Looking for inspiration for your next fall decor? We have you covered! Just a simple black and white pumpkin, a few floral pieces, and your creativity can be all you need to make your next decor to display in your home or add to your table this fall!

Grab your tools, and supplies needed to make your own Black and White Pumpkin Centerpiece and let your creativity shine.

black and white pumpkin with floral stems

Tools Needed to Make A Black and White Pumpkin Centerpiece for Fall

Supplies Needed

How to Make a Black and White Pumpkin Centerpiece for Fall 

  1. Grab a pumpkin from the online shop. The pumpkins are filled with foam inside but also have a little weight inside of them.
  2. Take a green Styrofoam block and cut in half 
  3. Now pull the brown leaf off the pumpkin and place aside because you will use later in your project. Do not throw away. 
  4. Take another Styrofoam block and after removing the stem off the top of the pumpkin you will glue the foam block on top of the pumpkin. Just do that by dipping the foam block right in your hot glue. 
  5. Press firmly down and make sure the glue sticks. You can also flip it upside down and press firmly on the bottom to help it secure tight. 
  6. Next take 2 plastic picks and stick all the way down into the pumpkin. Then trim them down flush to the green foam square you have attached to the pumpkin top. 
  7. Grab some Green Garden Eucalyptus Bush  and push the whole bunch into the pumpkin and then separate and make it look fuller. 
  8. Now add some brown/orange pieces. You will separate these pieces off the bunch you have and individually add them around your greenery pieces. You will place them in the top of your Styrofoam block and into the sides.
  9. Be sure to dip the bottom of your pieces into hot glue before pushing them into the Styrofoam 

Now that you have your main pieces in you can now add some filler pieces!

  1. Start by placing your Large Cream Gypsophila Berry Bush behind your greenery pieces. Separate them and place all around in the greenery adding some extra color and accent pieces to the centerpiece.  
  2. Gather some orange and yellow fall colored floral pieces can be separated and added all around filling empty spaces to help cover any holes or foam block that is visible. 
  3. Now place the pumpkin on it’s side and place any filler pieces you have left over and cover up any foam pieces that are left.
  4. Now make a cute simple bow to attach using some black and white buffalo check ribbon. Attach your bow to a pick and then push into your foam pumpkin right in the center! 
  5. Now pin in your leaves you removed around your ribbon and you now have the perfect black and white pumpkin centerpiece for fall.

Now you have a new beautiful fall centerpiece to use as decoration this fall!


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