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Fun and Festive Thanksgiving Centerpiece

November 9, 2023 | Centerpieces, DIY Seasonal Decor, Fall

Ever found yourself eyeing a Thanksgiving centerpiece thinking, “I could totally make something like that?”

Well, guess what? I did just that, and let me tell you, it was a blast! A charming wood turkey base taking center stage, surrounded by a riot of vibrant florals, lush greenery, and adorable little pumpkins. Yup, that was my show-stopping centerpiece for the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpiece

So, with Thanksgiving approaching, I pondered sprucing up the table with something distinctive. That’s when it hit me – why not use a whimsical wood turkey as the base? But here’s the kicker – it wasn’t just about the turkey; it was about crafting a centerpiece that effortlessly brought the spirit of the season to the table.

The best part? I promise you this was a straightforward, stress-free project. It’s all about combining a sprinkle of creativity, a handful of enthusiasm, and a dash of trial and error. I’ll spill the beans on just how easy it is to craft your own conversation-starting centerpiece for Thanksgiving. Stick around as I guide you through the simple steps that led to a show-stopping masterpiece, proving that creating a standout centerpiece for your holiday table can be an enjoyable and stress-free experience!.


  • Start by prepping your wooden turkey on a base. I added 3 blocks of floral foam for a good, solid base. I added one to the far right, one to the far left, and a smaller one just in front of the turkey’s body. 
  • Break your Leaf Mini Pumpkin Spray into 4 pieces with about 1” stems, fuff them out, and begin placing them into your arrangement. I put mine on the far left and right, sticking out beside the turkey, and two in the middle, pointing to the left and right as well. 
  • Break down both your Fall Boxwood Bush stems to about 2” stems. Start placing them into your foam pieces in front of and behind the stems we placed before. When you place one stem on the right, do the same on the left. This is a very symmetrical design.
  • Add more of your Boxwood stems to the top of your floral foam, bending it to drape over the foam. 
  • Break down your Orange Fern and Heather Spray the same way you did the others, with about a 1” stem on each piece. Each piece will have a longer stem and a shorter stem, so break those apart too.
  • Add your orange fern pieces into the floral foam, one on each side and one down the middle. This will bring in some of that beautiful orange color before we add our pumpkins.
  • Break your Orange Pumpkin Stem down into small bunches of pumpkins. Place one piece on each side of the center foam piece, draping out and down in front of the centerpiece. 
  • Start tucking your pumpkin pieces into your foam, starting with one on each side of the centerpiece, then one straight out the middle, with two pieces coming out on each side. 
  • Grab your left over pieces of orange fern stem, and start distributing them through your piece to help soften the pumpkins, and your centerpiece is finished! 


  • This centerpiece is so easy to customize! Add less sprays and picks for a more simple look. Use a different base for a totally different season. It’s totally up to you! 
  • I added glue to each of my stems as I placed it into my centerpiece, but it’s so easy to do a dry run. Just stick your stems into your design and you’re able to move them around until you’re happy with their placement. 
  • I use a regular kitchen skillet to melt my glue sticks. This allows me to dip my stems into the glue and place them in my wreath easily. I definitely recommend this if you are making a lot of wreaths. 

DIY Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Crafting your own Thanksgiving table decor doesn’t have to be daunting—trust me! The process of assembling this festive masterpiece was a blend of creativity and simplicity.

The key? Embrace the spirit of the season and infuse your personality into the design. Add touches of warmth and personality by incorporating seasonal elements like burlap, pinecones, or gourds. Don’t shy away from experimenting with various textures and colors to create a harmonious, eye-catching spread. Whether it’s for an intimate family gathering or a larger celebration, this DIY project speaks volumes about the joy of crafting something truly unique for the Thanksgiving table, making your holiday celebrations even more special and memorable.


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