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Wonderland Butterfly Wreath

March 7, 2023 | Door Hangers, Wreath Tutorials, Wreaths

Ready to make a statement in your home? Look no further than this stunning Wonderland Butterfly Wreath! An eye-catching addition to any home, this whimsical wreath is sure to be the talk of the town. So get ready—it’s time for us to dive into creating your very own Wonderland Butterly Wreath!

Butterfly Wreath

This wreath tutorial is ideal for those who love crafting and creating new things with their hands. It’s easy to make and looks spectacular when finished.

Having all your supplies available to make your wreath by using a wreath kit can really help. With all your supplies ready and available you create a fun wreath for your front door this spring.

To start this design I start by laying everything out first. Once you have it laid out you can start placing your stems and picks into your design. Dip your ends into the hot glue and push into your foam block until you hear that foam crunch.

You also want to take note of this tutorial on how I bend up these floral stems. It is important to bend them up before I push them in. That helps add dimension. The dimension will help when you place your bow in. As you continue to make wreaths you will learn the importance of the details. If you are looking for more help on wreath making be sure to check out my design school.


  • Cut a nice thick chunk of floral foam. Secure with hot glue and a floral U pick.
  • Use floral cutters and cut your floral steams into sections. Then shake hands with your floral pieces and make them nice and ready to place into your floral foam block.
  • Lay out your design. Once you have everything where you want then once you like it you can start placing it into your foam block. Dip ends of floral stems into hot glue then push into foam until you hear that nice crunch.
  • Attach your bow using a floral pin. Add glue to your floral pin and push your bow into the bottom of your foam block.
  • Work your flowers and greenery around your bow. Bring your tails to the back and curl them again if needed.
  • Add in your mushroom stems at the top. Then add in your last florals that are yellow. Tuck in tight on the sides of your mushrooms.

How To Attach A Floral Foam Block To A Wreath Base?

To attach a floral foam block to a wreath base you want to start by dipping the bottom into the hot glue. Place that bottom on your wreath and let it adhere. Let that dry. Now take some floral U pins and dip them in hot glue. Next, push in around the bottom of your foam block. This will really help secure your foam block and secure it nice and tight.

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