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Summertime Watermelon Wreath

July 15, 2021 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Summer, Wreath Tutorials

With watermelon being one of the most popular summer fruits, watermelon wreaths are a great way to bring some watermelon joy onto your front door this season! This DIY watermelon wreath is so easy to make and will look adorable on your front porch all summer long. It’s sure to be a conversation starter with friends and neighbors too!

Summertime Watermelon Wreath

I have been making wreaths for a really long time. I started back in high school because my mom would always tell me when I saw something I wanted: “no need to buy it, we can make it!” That is how I started getting into designing and making my own bows and wreaths. I am so thankful for my mom and the lesson she taught me and how it has given me the confidence to really be artistic and see exactly what I am capable of.

You too can be creative and make wreaths yourself. I am here to teach and guide you through it as you watch this video tutorial. I hope you learn a few techniques to help you improve your wreath-making skills or maybe even start! I am sure that as you watch and create this summertime watermelon wreath with me you will love the outcome!

grapevine wreath with a plush watermelon and red geraniums and cream sunflowers

Check out amazing summer ribbon bows to learn how to make bows. To make this watermelon wreath, you’ll need the supplies listed below to include: a watermelon plush, grapevine wreath, a few artificial flower bushes, greenery stems, and wired ribbon.

You will love seeing this wreath hanging on your door this summer with some beautiful red geranium flower pots sitting in your entryway as well!! Let’s get started and have some fun with flowers.


  • First, add your hanger by twisting some wire around on the top of your grapevine wreath.
  • Add your greenery bushes in three separate places making a triangle placing them in three separate sections. Since your bow is already made you can really play around and see where your bow places best before placing your greenery in place.
  • Attach your watermelon plush to the bottom right and add in more greenery around where you added your plush.
  • Trim your Red Geranium Bush into separate stems and then place it into your wreath. I like placing them into clusters. Dip your ends into hot glue before placing them into your wreath.
  • With your premade bow using the mechanics you attached to the back attach it to the bottom left side of your wreath.
  • Take your sunflowers and add on top of where you placed your greenery. I also like to add these in clusters
  • Add your final touches by taking your little rosemary bush and Spanish moss and add throughout your wreath filling in those empty spaces.

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