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How to Make Summer Themed Funky Bows

June 10, 2021 | Bow Tutorials, DIY Seasonal Decor, Our Favorite Designs, Popular, Summer

I love making bows. They really are a great way to express your creativity. There can be so many different ribbon combinations you can do when it comes to making bows to attach to all the things. Today we are going to make a few summer themed funky bows. Watch along as I have some fun with different types of ribbon combinations to make some amazing summer ribbon bows.

Summer Themed Funky Bows

Using an EZ Bow Maker really makes bow making a little bit simpler. The best part of the EZ Bow Maker is that it helps you keep your loops at the same length and visualize the placement of each loop. Making bows is not hard and I promise you can achieve a beautiful bow by following the simple bow recipes I have come up with!

Today in this bow making tutorial I am teaching you how to make beautiful bows using the most amazing summer ribbons. These summer ribbon bows will be perfect to add to any summer decor you have whipped up. You can add these bows to wreaths, centerpieces, watering cans, and really anything that screams summer.

3 ribbon bows on a white table with greenery on the side

When making bows you want to keep things symmetrical. What you do on one side you want to do the other. The first bow recipe I used was a 2-1 recipe. This means that I have two of the same length bows on each side making a total of 4 loops with your first ribbon. Next you add in a different color ribbon but only making one loop on each side.

To make a 3-2-1 recipe bow you will basically do as it says in the recipe. You will have one ribbon that has 3 loops on each side of the middle. This will be your bottom base. Then add in a coordinating color ribbon and make two loops on each side. Finish off this bow recipe with one loop on each side of maybe the first ribbon you used or a completely different ribbon choice.

Making bows is so much fun. They do not have to be scary and you can totally do these by following my simple bow recipes. Watch the tutorial to see exactly how I follow these bow recipes and make some amazing summer ribbon bows for any summer décor.



  • The recipe for this bow is a 2-1 Measure out an 8 inch tail. Start your tail up. Make your loop at 7 inches, then go to the center and twist. Then twist again and repeat making two loops on each size. Take and fluff your loops out and hold at the center as you continue to make your loops. Scrunch it down and pull your tail to 8 inches and cut.
  • Adding in your second ribbon, make your tail and loops the same length. Making only two loops with this ribbon. Secure it with a cable tie. Then fluff up your loops, and I have cut my tails to go opposite directions of each other. Now attach a cable tie to the back of your bow. This is how you will attach it to your wreath or center piece.
  • Using a coordinating ribbon cut a little strip of ribbon and use this to tie around the center of your bow to hide your mechanics.
  • To make a different bow repeat the same steps as above but we are going to add to that bow recipe. Using a different color ribbon adding loops at 6 inches. Add two loops on each side.
  • Add the ladybug (bottom ribbon) back to the top. Making your tail 1-2 inches shorter. Make one loop on each side at 5 inches. Secure with a cable tie. Making one tail up and one tail down. That makes it a funky bow.

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