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Spring Carrot Door Hanger Tutorial

February 20, 2024 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Door Hangers, Spring

A Spring Carrot Door Hanger Wreath is a great way to welcome the spring season! Learn how to create a delightful door hanger using a Carrot Form Wreath Base, vibrant greenery, and a charming bow that adds a touch of whimsy and Spring cheer to your doorstep.

Spring Carrot Door Hanger

Can you feel the warmth in the air and the flowers blooming? It’s time to bring that springtime spirit to your doorstep with our Spring Carrot Door Hanger Wreath! Picture this: a cute carrot-shaped base, lush greenery, and a bow that’s just as adorable as can be – that’s what we’re cooking up! 

Let’s keep it simple, shall we? Our Spring Carrot Door Hanger Wreath is all about easy crafting. Starting with a Carrot Form Wreath Base, it’s as easy as adding some vibrant greenery and topping it off with a bow that screams “spring is here!” No fancy tools or complicated techniques needed – just a sprinkle of creativity and a whole lot of fun. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a crafting newbie, this wreath is your ticket to springtime bliss!

carrot door hanger

Get ready to be wowed by the sheer beauty of our Spring Carrot Door Hanger Wreath. As you bring together the greenery and tie that bow, you’ll see pure magic unfold before your eyes. The burst of colors and the lush foliage – like bringing a slice of springtime right to your doorstep! And that whimsical carrot shape? It’s the cherry on top! Whether you’re greeting guests or just enjoying the view from indoors, this spring wreath is sure to bring smiles and sunshine wherever it goes.


  • Start by prepping your Twig Polkadot Carrot Form Wreath Base. I put a piece of floral foam on the brim of the scarecrow’s hat, which we will use later. I just glue it on with hot glue, then add some floral pins through the back.
  • Break down your Rosemary Spray into a few pieces. It should be pretty easy to tell where to cut your spray down. Cut all your stems down to about 2” each. 
  • Place one of your spray pieces into the floral foam, toward the left of the floral foam. Go opposite that one and place another going down to the right. Add a few more pieces around the perimeter of your base, creating a greenery base for your piece. 
  • Start breaking down your Button Leaf Hanging Bush. This bush is made to hang down. I added a piece from the bottom of the floral foam with a floral pin, hanging down in front of the rosemary pieces.
  • Grab 2 pieces of the hanging bush that has a wire stem to help them stand, and place these toward the top of your floral foam. I had mine hanging off to the right side and off to the left side. 
  • Cut your Twine Stripe Carrot Spray into two pieces. I added my carrots into the foam, one coming out of the top and one coming out to the left. 
  • Attach your bow! I added a floral pin to the back of my bow and attached it that way. 
  • Start to add a little dimension to your wreath by adding those left-over greenery pieces in and around the bow. This will add so much more dimension to your wreath!
  • Your cute Spring Carrot Door Hanger Wreath is complete! 


  • I use a regular kitchen skillet to melt my glue sticks. This allows me to dip my stems into the glue and place them in my wreath easily. I definitely recommend this if you are making a lot of floral projects.
  • I added glue to each stem as I placed it in the floral foam, but you could absolutely do a “dry run” beforehand. Just be sure you don’t move them TOO much or it’ll make your floral foam fall apart.  

How do you decorate with carrots for Easter?

Decorating with carrots for Easter is a total blast. A door hanger with the theme of Spring is a great way to spruce up your front door. With a vibrant carrot wreath or door hanger to welcome guests with Easter cheer. Don’t forget about charming carrot garlands draped across mantels or wrapped around stair railings for that extra dose of whimsy. And why not add carrot-themed accents to your Easter egg hunt? From cute carrot-shaped baskets to playful carrot markers, the possibilities are endless. Get creative, have fun, and let those carrots bring a whole lot of Easter joy to your home!

How do I keep my wreath from banging on my door?

Ah, keeping your wreath from doing the door dance can be a bit tricky, but don’t worry! First off, consider using a soft adhesive-backed hook or a wreath hanger that fits snugly over your door without scratching or damaging it. Next up, try adding a small piece of felt or foam to the back of your wreath where it meets the door – it’ll act as a buffer and minimize any banging. Another nifty trick is to secure the bottom of your wreath with a small piece of double-sided tape or hook-and-loop fastener to prevent it from swinging around in the wind. With these simple tips, your wreath will stay put and keep the peace with your door, no banging required!

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