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Spring Bow Tutorial

January 13, 2022 | Bow Tutorials, DIY Seasonal Decor, Easter, Spring

This Spring bow tutorial is perfect for crafters of all skill levels! With just a few simple steps, you’ll have a beautiful new spring funky bow that will brighten up any front door this spring. So grab your supplies and let’s get started!

How to Make Spring Bows

Today I am teaching you how to make an amazing blast off bow today. A blast-off bow has three different layers. Each layer that you add after your three loops you decrease the number of loops each time. You will have the bottom layer of three loops, then your second will have two, finishing it up with one loop on each side.

A blast off bow has such a great look on a wreath or even a swag. I love using bows as well on centerpieces and even lanterns. The spacing that the loops have in this type of bow is what truly amazes me about this style. After you are done you will see what I am talking about. You are basically creating almost like a flower or pinwheel-type look for a bow.

The key to making an amazing bow when you are done creating it is paying attention to the tails and fluffing your bow loops before you put your cable tie on the back. This is what I call the finishing touches but it really is the most important part of bow making if you ask me. Well, ok maybe after choosing your ribbon and color scheme. Choosing your ribbon color that all coordinates make it all come together really pretty.

3 spring themed ribbon bows on a table

Follow this step-by-step tutorial and you will see what I’m talking about. We’re going to look at three examples of spring bows that use the blast off recipe, which are just super fun and funky!

BLAST OFF Funky BOW Directions

  • Bring your tail down 8 inches and then make 3 7 inch loops. Twisting in the middle before making your next loop. Then bring your to the upward position and cut.
  • Start your tail with your second ribbon on the opposite side of where you started the first layer. Making two loops at 6 inches. Finishing off with your ribbon opposite of where you started.
  • For your last layer, I typically use a thinner ribbon. I make my at 6 inches, twist, and do just one loop in the middle.
  • You are done with your bow, you have 3-2-1 and you are ready to take it off the EZ bow maker. Use an 8-inch cable tie and gently pull your bow up. Then secure your zip tie and pull but not all the way tight.
  • Run a cable tie through the back of your bow this will be used as your point of attachment for your wreath. Once you have slid your cable tie through the one that is securing it this is when you cinch it tight
  • Hide your mechanics with a piece of ribbon of choice that you used in your creation.

How to Dovetail Funky Spring Bows?

To dovetail a ribbon tail on a funky bow you just fold the end of the ribbon in half and then use your scissors to cut at an angle. This will give you a nice V at the end of the ribbon tail. You do not have to dovetail your funky bows but they can add a nice finished look.

Spring Bow

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