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How to Make a Snowman Door Hanger

October 14, 2020 | Christmas, DIY Seasonal Decor, Floral Designs Tutorials

Ready to transform your front door into the winter season? I can not wait to teach you how to make a snowman door hanger. It is quite simple and turns out so cute! You will love making this snowman door hanger with me as you get to use a bit of your own creative eye as well!

snowman grapevine door hanger with pines and cotton

How to Make a Snowman Door Hanger

This fun Christmas decor tutorial is very easy to create and makes the perfect winter front door decor. It’s simple, yet elegant!

Grab your supplies and tools and let’s get started!

Supplies Needed to Make a Snowman Door Hanger

Tools Needed to Make a Snowman Door Hanger

snowman grapevine door hanger with pines and cotton

Snowman Door Hanger Tutorial

  1. Start by flipping your snowman wreath over to the back. This is where you will pull a little of the wire out from the top to help with hanging your snowman door hanger once your project is complete. Having a little wire sticking out before you start is your first step!
  2. While working with your snowball stems for his arms just look at the stem and decide where to cut the stem to find the cutest arms for your snowman. Just place them where you want them. We will come back later and glue them in.
  3. I like putting the arms around the neck joint. You may need to trim the stem a little shorter than what it is. Just push them in gently and make sure that is where you want those arms!
  4. Now I make a quick bow. To make your bow start by pulling the tail of the ribbon all the way down to the bottom of the base. That helps me determine the length of my bow tails. Now to determine your loop length make a twist and pull the ribbon out to the edge of the wreath form. That is how long you will want your first loop. Then make a twist and make the second loop. Scrunch it down once you have done that. You can use a cable tie to secure this bow in the center. This is a very simple bow and works great with this snowman door hanger.
  5. Slide your second cable tie behind your bow that way you can attach this bow to the wreath. You can cover the cable ties with a little piece of ribbon to help cover up those cable ties.
  6. Now working with your greenery spray just cut a few little pieces off and use it to place them underneath your bow. You can place one up and one day.
  7. I also added a few greenery pieces to the top of the hat on the right. These really help my snowman look super cute!
  8. Using the Glitter gold pinecone place it right in the center of your greenery on the top right. You can just twist it right in.
  9. Now that you have everything placed and laid out where you want it. Go back and glue with hot glue all the pieces in place
  10. Now that I have that all done and glued down I am going to make a little looped loop with a piece of ribbon and attach to the bottom left of the snowman wreath form. Run a cable tie through the wreath and use it to secure this little bow to the bottom. Trim the extra wire off.
  11. If you would like more greenery feel free to add some more to the bottom or top to make it look more adorable!
  12. Add some more snowball picks to the top. Just cut the stem all the way off and glue them on. I added some to the top by the hat and a few by the bottom little loop bow.

There you have a simple cute snowman door hanger!

snowman grapevine door hanger with pines and cotton

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