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Buffalo Check Snowman Door Hanger Tutorial

October 28, 2020 | Christmas, DIY Seasonal Decor, Floral Designs Tutorials

I have the perfect door hanger kit for the holidays! Follow this buffalo check snowman door hanger tutorial after your grab your kit. Make an eye-popping door hanger to display all winter long.

red and black buffalo check ribbon and pine stems on a snowman cutout

DIY Snowman Door Hanger Tutorial

This is a fun and easy snowman door hanger tutorial! You can follow along with the video below or read through the instructions.

And don’t feel you need to stick to the example design. Let your creativity shine and create your own final look.

Supply needed for Buffalo Check Snowman Door Hanger

roll of ribbon, snowman door hanger, and pine stems
  • Snowman door hanger
  • Roll of buffalo check wired ribbon
  • Buffalo check magnolia spray
  • Buffalo check Merry Christmas craft pick

Tools needed for Buffalo Check Snowman Door Hanger

How to Make a Buffalo Check Snowman Door Hanger

  1. First, take your snowman door hanger and flip it over to cut the burlap scarf in the middle, so you can remove it. Feel free to keep the scarf for another fun project in the future!
  2. Next, you can remove the small piece of greenery from your Snowman’s hat by gently pulling it off. Don’t worry about any remaining glue spots, we are going to cover those up later.
  3. Grab your buffalo check magnolia spray and start by fluffing it how you like, starting with the flower, and working your way through the greenery. When you are fluffing it out, try to give each piece of the spray it’s own little area.
  4. Next, take your wire cutters and clip towards the middle of your buffalo check magnolia spray, which will give you two sprays, one with the buffalo check magnolia and the other with the pine greenery. Go ahead and set that to the side.
  5. Try placing the magnolia spray diagonally towards the bottom of the snowman, making sure that the stem covers the glue spot left from removing the scarf earlier. Grab your Merry Christmas craft pick and clip off one Merry Christmas circle and set aside.
  6.  Now you’re ready to place the rest of the Merry Christmas craft pick by sliding the stem behind the magnolia spray on the Snowman Door Hanger. You’ll want the Merry Christmas signs to be upright coming out next to the Snowman’s face.
  7. Grab the pine greenery you clipped from the magnolia spray earlier, and clip off one more piece of the pine. You can use this a little bit later. Place the rest of the magnolia spray behind the Merry Christmas craft pick to make it a bit more full.
  8. Holding it all together with your fingers, take craft picks and sprays you’ve arranged on the Snowman to the side and turn them over. Trim any extra stems off with your wire cutters and grab some cable ties. Secure all of the craft stems and picks together with your cable ties, and trim the extra.
  9. Now you are ready to place your bundle of craft pics onto the Snowman! Try to place the center near the middle of the Snowman, making sure the weight is evenly distributed, laying them diagonally across the front of the Snowman.
  10. When you like the placement of the craft picks, take your awl and mark two holes, one on either side of the middle of the craft pick bundle. Remove the picks and use the awl to poke through the Snowman where you marked your two holes. Keep rotating your awl when you are making your holes to make sure you get through the batting of the Snowman.
  11. Before you remove the awl, you can take two fingers on either side of the hole to push down on the Snowman. This should make it easier to then grab a cable tie and thread it through the hole and layers of batting.
  12. Do the same thing using your awl to make your second hole on your Snowman. Next, grab the end of the cable tie from the back of your Snowman and thread it through to the front of your Snowman. Now you have one cable tie going through to the back of one hole, and back through to the front.
  13. Now you can secure the craft pick bundle using this cable tie! Place it in the middle of the Snowman and secure the cable tie nice and tight. Then clip the end off using your wire cutters.
  14. Next, we are going to make a bow to cover up that cable tie in the middle of our Snowman. Take the end of the ribbon and measure starting from the bottom of the pine spray up to the center of the Snowman. Twist the ribbon at that center spot of the Snowman letting the rest of it hang down to the end of the greenery.
  15. Grab above the twist and make a simple loop that measures the width of the Snowman’s body. Pull it back to the center and twist together. Make another loop with the ribbon on the other side, bring it back to the center and scrunch it together. Let the tails hang to see if you are happy with the length and look of your bow.
  16. Cut both tails of the ribbon evenly while you are still holding the center of the bow together. Secure the center of the bow with a cable tie, but add a back cable tie in the loop before securing the center of the bow all the way down. This is what you’ll use to attach the bow to the Snowman.
  17. Go ahead now and cut a 12-inch piece of ribbon and fold it on itself lengthwise until you get the pattern you want. Tie it around the center of your bow to hide the cable tie holding it together. Turn it over to cut off any excess ribbon.
  18. Now you’re ready to place the bow over the attachment area on your Snowman! Slip the bow cable tie underneath the craft pick cluster and tie it in there.  Clip any excess cable tie with wire cutters.
  19. Fluff up any sprays, picks, and the magnolia to your liking. Also, use your fingers to curl the bottom of the ribbon tails just to add a little bounce to your bow.
  20. Grab the piece of greenery you cut off the magnolia spray earlier and place it in the center of your bow, so it’s coming out of the bow area. Use a cable tie to secure the greenery by going around the base of the pine spray and take the lead wire around the magnolia stem. Add a little hot glue around that spot to make it extra secure. You can sandwich the glue with the green leaves around it so you don’t see it.
  21. Now can cut a length of ribbon and tie it underneath his head to make a scarf. Make sure you don’t cover his mouth and go right back over the area where the original scarf was. You can cut the tails of the scarf a bit shorter and dove tail the ends. Use your glue to tack the scarf down under the knot and under one of the tails.
  22. Now on to the hat! Clip off a pine cluster from your leftover Merry Christmas craft pick and place it in the center of the hat so the greenery sticks up towards the left. Grab one more small cluster of greenery and place it starting at the same place but going up towards the right.
  23. Cut a length of ribbon and tie a simple bow with two loops. Secure the center of the bow with a cable tie, and place a second cable tie in there before cinching it closed. Now close it up and cut off the excess with wire cutters.
  24. Use your long cable tie and place your bow and greenery on the hat. Just like before, use your awl to mark two holes on either side of where you will attach the bow. Use your awl to push through the Snowman. Then take your long cable tie and push through to the back, then back through to the front of the Snowman. Once it’s through, place both pieces of greenery behind the bow, and pull the cable tie tight to secure everything onto the hat. Cut the remaining cable tie.
  25. Grab the original burlap scarf you removed from the Snowman at the beginning, and use scissors to cut the burlap off of the snowflake. Cut off as much as you can! Use some hot glue and attach the snowflake to the center of your hat bow.

Make any adjustments you need and enjoy your cute door hanger!

buffalo check snowman door hanger

Be sure to share in the comments your finished design!


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