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Simple Fall Funky Bow

October 3, 2023 | Bow Tutorials, DIY Seasonal Decor, Fall

Picture this a charming Fall Funky Bow that’s as delightful as a crisp autumn breeze. This bow is a fall lover’s dream, with traditional fall tones and pops of fun color! It’s sure to be a bow you’ll use year after year. 

Simple Fall Funky Bow

What makes this bow extra fun? Well, it’s got not one, not two, but three different ribbons in the mix! First, we’ve got that cozy orange ribbon, giving off those fall feels. Then, the blue berry ribbon adds a fun pop of color. And last but not least, the floral ribbon ties it all together and brings in that classic fall style.

Whether you’re decorating your front door, a fancy wreath, or a special gift, this Simple Fall Funky Bow is your new best friend. It’s a breeze to attach, and it instantly jazzes up any spot with its playful loops and those beautiful ribbons. Get ready to fall head over heels for fall with this bow – it’s all about celebrating the season’s charm!

pin image with image of finished bow and a bold title that says "Simple Fall Funky Bow"


  • Choose your ribbons. I chose three ribbons, 1 wider 2.5” ribbon and 2 narrower 1.5” ribbons, that compliment the swag I am using the bow on. 
  • Start with your first 2.5” ribbon on your bow maker. This will be the ribbon that will be your background. I started with my first tail, about 8” long. 
  • At the 8” mark, place your ribbon through the pegs on your bow maker, then twist. 
  • Hold your ribbon between the pegs, and create your first loop. I made mine 6”. When the ribbon is between the pegs, twist your ribbon. 
  • Create your other loop the same way, by threading your ribbon through the center pegs, creating your loop, then twisting. I made 2 loops with this ribbon.
  • Cut your ribbon to match the other 8” tail. 
  • Start one of your 1.5” ribbons by creating an 8” tail, then creating loops. I made these loops about 5.5”. 
  • Create your other loops the same way. I did 2 loops on each side, for a total of4 loops with this ribbon, then measure and cut your second tail the same length as the first. 
  • With your second 1.5” ribbon, create a tail, a little shorter than the others, at 6” long.
  • Create your loops, the same way you have been. These loops are 5”, and I made 6 loops with this ribbon, 3 on each side of my pegs. 
  • Come back in with your first, wider ribbon, and create a loop that’s about 12” long. This will sit on top of our bow, with two loops, about 5” on each side.
  • Run a cable tie under your ribbons between the pegs on your bow maker. Loosely tighten the cable tie, then carefully lift your bow up and off your bow maker. Rotate your cable tie to the back. 
  • Start fluffing out your loops, separating them from each other. 
  • Fold one of your 1.5” ribbons in thirds, then wrap it around the middle of your bow, and knot it in the back to cover the cable tie. 

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  • Make the bow your own! Add more or less loops to create a bow that you love. It’s your bow! Do what you love!
  • Use whatever ribbon works with your project. This is a fun bow because it can be used for any project!
  • This bow can be made larger or smaller depending on what you need. Create smaller loops for a smaller bow, and larger loops for a larger bow. 
  • You can “dry run” your bow to see how it will look on your wreath by not using a cable tie to take it off your bow maker. You’ll need to be careful not to drop or mess up any of your loops, but this can help you to know if your bow is the right size. 

How do I use this Fall Funky Bow?

This bow is perfect for various projects, adding a burst of autumn charm. They’re perfect for dressing up wreaths, making your gift wrapping extra special, and spicing up your home decor, whether it’s your mantel, table centerpiece, or wall hangings. You can also use them to enhance floral arrangements, add flair to seasonal crafts, or even as a fun accessory for DIY Halloween costumes. Fall weddings, classroom decorations, and fall festival booths can also benefit from the cozy and festive touch these bows bring. The possibilities are as endless as your creativity!

Can I make this bow with different ribbons for another season? 

Absolutely! You can switch up the ribbons to create bows for other seasons. The beauty of this funky bow is its adaptability. For spring, you could opt for pastel colors and floral patterns. Summer bows could feature vibrant, beachy themes, while winter bows might embrace cozy plaid or elegant silver and gold. The key is to choose ribbons and colors that capture the spirit of the season you’re celebrating. So get creative, and let your seasonal imagination run wild!


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