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Simple DIY Floral Cross Wreath for Spring

December 28, 2021 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Easter, Spring, Wreath Tutorials

Are you starting to prep your Spring and Easter decor? Here’s an easy DIY floral cross wreath that’ll soften your entryway for the new season.

You know I love to have some fun with florals. All the colors, sizes, shapes, and seasonal varieties you can have just from flowers. Do you feel the same about flowers, or am I a bit crazy? And you know I love to celebrate all the holidays, even the made-up ones. You know the ones I am talking about, like, National Cupcake Day! Ha! Did you celebrate that this year… I had myself a classic chocolate with cream cheese frosting.

collage of images showing a cross grapevine with flowers added

But I for sure will never miss out on any reason to celebrate a major holiday, especially one so important as Easter! My momma raised me right, that’s for sure. And creating this beautiful Easter Cross Door Hanger full of all sorts of beautiful flowers is a great way to enjoy 2 of my loves… flowers and holidays. Now, if someone will just bring me some yummy cupcakes while I am crafting, it will simply be the best day ever.  

Simple Easter Floral Cross Wreath

Decorating for just about any holiday is an absolute must in my book. You already know my opinion on that, especially if you have been here a while. Maybe you don’t agree with me, and that is fine. We can just agree to disagree. But it is just plain a NECESSITY to decorate for Easter. No negotiation about it. This Easter Cross Door Hanger is a simple craft to bring the beauty and comfort that comes from this season of rebirth to your home decor. If your home becomes full of florals during the seasonal spring holiday, or simply left the same as it is all year round, this addition will be perfect either way.

Floral Cross Wreath Video Tutorial

Using this hollow twig cross base, you can fancy it up easily with some bundles of greenery and all those beautiful spring flowers. This project has the perfect mix of peonies of all shades of pink, greenery of different textures, and twigs galore. Using floral foam, floral u-pins, hot glue, and my step by step tutorial, you will be able to create this timeless Easter decor in less than 60 minutes. Do you believe me?

This project is perfect for the first-time crafter. Even the most skilled of all crafters will enjoy working on this little creation. No matter your skill level, I am here to help you throughout the whole process of creating this Easter Cross Door Hanger. Maybe even after you finish, and you have caught the crafting bug, you can check out my design school. I would love to teach you all sorts of things to get you a little crazy like me. Someone who has way too much fun with florals and enjoys celebrating ALL the holidays!

Simple DIY Floral Cross Wreath for Spring

Are you starting to prep your Spring and Easter decor? Here’s an easy DIY floral cross wreath that’ll soften your entryway for the new season.


  • Spanish moss

  • long grass greenery

  • floral foam

  • floral pins

  • any type of long grass bush greenery

  • hanging Gypso bush

  • Peony bush

  • Cherry blossom or peach blossom stems

  • Eucalyptus bush


  • Mount a rectangular piece of floral foam in the center of Twig Cross Base with 4 floral pins dipped in hot glue. Poke them from the back through the guts of the base.
  • Use faux moss to camouflage the foam piece. Hot glue in place as you wrap around the outer edges of your foam.
  • Remove some individual Wispy Grass Pieces and begin inserting individually, focusing them poking out from the top left corner and bottom right corner of your foam base.
  • Grab your Gypso White Flowered Bush and remove a strand from the main bundle. Apply the pretty strand and place a piece so it hangs from the bottom of your foam to add some whimsy. Set aside to use more later.
  • Grab your Pink Peony Bush and pin in place up top on your foam. Add a second smaller one facing towards the bottom right as well.
  • “Shake hands” with your Light Pink Wired Floral Garland and begin tearing off sections. Position the twigs and stems to the angles you want before inserting in place on your foam. Pin in place.
  • Twist those wires and florals to the proper angles as you place them.
  • Grab your Greenery Bundle and break it into smaller sections to add to your foam, creating a much fuller look.
  • Next, remove sections from your Soft Pink Mini Filler Flower Bush and work them into your design. Add pieces here and there poking out to add dimension and texture.
  • Going back to your Gypso Bush we used earlier, and remove a few pieces. With a long section, curl up into a circular bundle and pin in your foam with hot glue floral pin, right in the center at the transition point.
  • Stepping back and looking at your creation, add more flowers or greenery depending on what you need. Make it nice and full, especially since we aren’t adding a bow to this project.
collage of woman making a floral cross wreath

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