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Simple DIY Floral Cross Wreath Tutorial

December 24, 2020 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Easter, Spring, Wreath Tutorials

This week we are doing a floral cross wreath that’ll be perfect for Easter. This is gonna be so much fun. I’m so glad you’re here. It’s time to have fun with flowers guys.

collage of woman making a floral cross wreath

Simple Easter Floral Cross Wreath

There are two different styles of cross wreath bases in our store that you can work off of in this tutorial.

Supply List:

Floral Cross Wreath Video Tutorial


First, let’s cut a small cube of floral foam. We’ll use that right in the center to secure all our florals to.

Using regular floral pins, secure the foam into the wreath base. Add a little glue on each pin so that we are really securing that foam into the base. It’s going to give us the greatest little surface area to create our design right on the front of the cross.

Next, cover the perimeter of the foam block with Spanish moss. It will soften those edges and hide the foam.

Dip the floral pins in glue and pin the Spanish moss into the foam for added security.

Start cutting long stems from the grass bush. Add a little glue to the ends and insert around the foam block. This will add a little bit of height. The idea of this is that we’re going to create the shape, which is going to be an up and down and a left to right motion kind of coming across the center of the cross.

Y’all, just keep adding greenery to you get a nice little wispy effect there in the back.

Next, we’ll incorporate the hanging Gypso bush. Create a loop to add another layer of texture, pin in place at the bottom of your foam block. Let that excess bush just hang downward for a beautiful waterfall effect. You’ll create another one at the top.

Trim your peony bush into smaller sections, then fluff out each stem.

Add your bigger bloom at the top left corner of your foam and pin in place. Then add the smaller bloom on the opposite corner diagonal from the bigger bloom.

Trim your cherry or peach blossom stems into smaller stems, which is gonna add this neat texture. Just add a little bit around each side of the pink peonies. Keep adding pieces till you get to the point you want.

You can add a bow right in the center or continue to add floral elements. It’s up to you and the design you’re looking for.

The next step we’re going to do is add the Eucalyptus Bush. We’re going to be using the eucalyptus as a filler greenery. Add the eucalyptus on both sides and filling any holes in giving it that nice texture and dimension right in the middle.

Now grab some fun, wispy filler flowers, like a lighter color pink or cream that you can add in for a little dimension.

collage of images showing a woman making a floral wreath

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