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Simple and Rustic DIY Winter Boot Centerpiece

September 4, 2020 | Centerpieces, Christmas, DIY Seasonal Decor, Floral Designs Tutorials

Winter is coming and if you are looking for the perfect table centerpiece then this is the one for you. Simple to make and only a few supplies needed you’ll be sure to love this Winter Boot Centerpiece once you have crafted and set out on your table this winter season

winter boots with greenery and pine cones inserted with a red and white striped bow

How to Make a Winter Boot Centerpiece

Supplies Need:

Tools Needed:

back view of winter boots with greenery and white and red bow - winter boot centerpiece

Instructions for Winter Boot Centerpiece

  1. Take your foam block and cut it to be able to fit into the Santa boot ceramic. I just cut the top corners off and then pushed it straight down into the boots.
  2. Your foam can stick out the top of the boots a little bit, no problem.
  3. Grab a handful of Spanish moss and start stuffing it around the top of the Santa boots. Do this all the way around the foam block and the top of the boots.
  4. Take your eucalyptus bush and cut it into different pieces.
  5. Dip each stem of the Eucalyptus pick into the hot glue pot and then push down into the foam piece in the Santa boot
  6. Repeat this with 5-6 eucalyptus pieces. Placing them sporadically in the foam.
  7. Take your pine cone pick and dip into the hot glue pot and then push it into the center of the foam block.
  8. Now grab your wire cutters and cut any stray pieces that are sticking out that shouldn’t be seen.
  9. Now time to mix up some greenery. Add in some pine straw greenery to the left and right sides of the pinecone pick.
  10. Keep adding small pieces of pine straw greenery around the top of the white boot. Once you add it in give it a little tug downward to have it flow down.
  11. Now time to tie the bow and get it in place so we can continue to add greenery once we get the bow added.
  12. Place your 3 loop bow right in the center of the boots
  13. Now that the bow in place grab your pine straw greenery and start adding it around the bow
  14. Continue adding in extra greenery pieces you have left from your eucalyptus and pine straw and fill in any gaps you see.
  15. Take your wire cutters and trim the heights to how you like them
  16. You can take your ribbon ends and thread through your

Just like that you have a fabulous Winter Boot Centerpiece to display


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