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How to Turn a Pumpkin Cauldron Into a Halloween Centerpiece

October 6, 2022 | Centerpieces, DIY Seasonal Decor, Floral Designs Tutorials, Halloween

Finding simple holiday decor and giving it a whole new look is always fun! Learn how to turn this pumpkin into a cute cauldron Halloween centerpiece.

This is such a versatile design that you can easily switch from fall to Halloween. You could really grab any Halloween container and apply this design.

Halloween Centerpiece

This year, carve out some extra Halloween fun with a creative pumpkin cauldron centerpiece. It’s easy to make and will wow your guests! I love how easy it is to turn something so simple as a tin pumpkin into an amazing centerpiece.

pumpkin cauldron decorated for halloween or fall

If you are looking for a great Halloween party decoration that is easy to make then give this a try. With these step by step directions, you can see how easily this centerpiece can be switched into a different theme.

Once you see how easy this is you will be a pro at making your next party centerpieces!

fall decor

How to Make a Halloween Centerpiece


  • Make your bow for your pumpkin cauldron centerpiece. Make the tail 7 inches and then twist. Then make your next loop at 5 inches. Then another loop at 5 inches. Repeat again and then cut the tail. 
  • Now grab your next spool of ribbon. Simply take this one and take the tail up and do one look that is a little bit shorter than the other. Measure it at 4 and half inches. Then repeat and twist. Cut the tail on that strand. Now cable tie the center and turn it around and fluff your bow.
  • Once you have fluffed your bow in the back use a pipe cleaner and slide it in and then clamp your zip tie all the way. Now cover your center by taking a strand of ribbon and folding it and then tying it in the back. 
  • Grab your pick of choice. I am using these fun Halloween eyeball picks. I will cut the eyeballs that are paired together off. Now layer the picks together with the eyeballs and the fun colored balls. Trim your picks to all the same length by cutting the bottoms off.
  • Go ahead and cable tie your picks together. You can do 2 to 3 zip ties to make sure they are nice and secured. Pay attention to your eyeballs and give them a little tug to make them pop out more. 
  • Take your pumpkin cauldron basket and place the picks inside to one side. You will take a cable tie and attach the pick to the handle of your pumpkin cauldron. Use a pipe cleaner to wrap around the green table ties to hide them in your centerpiece. You might want to use a black pipe cleaner. 
  • Using your bow you just made and add right to the side and tie it to the picks and handle. 

How To Turn Your Halloween Centerpiece into a Fall Centerpiece

Want to switch your Halloween Pumpkin Cauldron Centerpiece into a fall decor just remove everything you just added and find some fun fall floral picks along with fall-themed ribbon and repeat the same steps above just replacing the pieces with fall ribbon and picks. 

If you feel extra inspired after this, be sure to check out my Design School. I love to work with so many different types of people. Everyone there just wants to learn more and perfect their crafting skills, all while having a good time with some wonderful people. Doesn’t that sound pretty great?

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