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Plaid Pumpkin Decor with Acorns

September 27, 2022 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Door Hangers, Fall, Our Favorite Designs

Is it just me, or does the start of autumn make everyone happy? The leaves changing color, the cool breeze in the air, and of course, pumpkin everything. Today I’m sharing a fun plaid pumpkin decor idea that incorporates plaid fabric and acorns. Let’s get started!

Plaid Pumpkin Decor

With its enormous size and bright orange colors, your eye can’t help but be drawn to it. Get ready to have some fun with flowers as we create the perfect plaid pumpkin fall decor door hanger. You’ll love that this wreath can be on display all season long. Let’s get started!

Some of you might like to switch out your decor through the season. Some will go from the spooky, scary Halloween look to a simple, pumpkin & acorns fall decor for the Thanksgiving holiday. That is not for everybody though. Ha! Are you the type of person who is thinking… “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” This project saves you from the hassle of switching decor. It also helps to store less in your garage during the rest of the year. What I am saying is that this decor is sure to transform your front door entirety. It will also not take up too much storage space. It’s a win-win.

This project is full of depth and dimension, whimsy and beauty, and eye-appealing techniques. These are the things that really help your porch game in the neighborhood be on point. Everyone loves to see a beautiful front door as they are walking the dog or going for a run. This large plaid pumpkin decor surely gives your neighbors a beautiful fall decor door hanger to look at each day.

Through this step-by-step tutorial, I will teach you how to work with florals, twigs, and bushes to build upon a 3-dimensional pumpkin base. I will teach you that a bow is not always necessary to make something beautiful and vibrant. As well as teach you the key vocabulary to help build your crafting confidence. I also love inspiring you to embrace your creative side.

So are you ready to get started transforming your front door? Are you ready to see how easy it is to be creative and carefree? Let’s say goodbye to summer and embrace the fall weather! Let’s have some fun with flowers!


  • Cut a chunk of floral foam to add to the top of your Orange Black Pumpkin Twig Form. Make it a decent size so we can have a floral explosion up top.
  • With a large amount of hot glue, attach foam right to the top of the grapevine. Use floral pins to attach in the back to keep your work nice and secure.
  • Attach some faux moss to hide any imperfections.
  • Grab your Smilax Bush greenery. Trim pieces from the main bundle with wire cutters. 
  • We are creating a center transition point on our pumpkin. We will fan out from there as you insert your greenery out and around. Remember to hot glue your ends as you insert into your foam. 
  • Next we will work with our Orange Green leaves Bush. Push your leaves up on the stem. Trim with wire cutters. Insert into the foam base, continuing with your center transition point. Fill in around. This creates a nice full base for your project.
  • Grab your Acorn Maple Pick to enhance this fall design. Manipulate your spray so the accents face forward and pretty. Insert with hot glue on each side of your foam base. Insert 2 total. 
  • To create a wispy look, let’s add more Smilax bush. Add to the center of our foam block. 
  • Next add your Orange Pumpkin with Maple Leaf Pick up top in the center of foam. Keep the stem short and use hot glue to secure. Cover with foam if any hot glue is seen. This will build our triangle effect with our picks added.
  • Continue to add Smilax bush pieces and your greenery to support the pumpkin pick. Make it nice and full, covering your foam.
  • To break up the green in the center, grab your Medium Artificial Twig Spray. Cut into sections. Create an asymmetrical look with your twigs as they flow down this pumpkin. The longer twigs will frame this pumpkin out. Cut into sections.
  • Bend your twigs to make it come towards the center as you add. They will peek out from your florals in all directions. I am keeping more twigs on the right side on purpose. Don’t stress that it is not symmetrical. The twigs add a lot of depth and dimension.
  • To keep with the bright colors, let’s add the Orange Pumpkin Bundle. Insert pieces into your foam, so they are at different lengths. We are keeping with the asymmetrical look, heavier on the right side. If you like it matchy-matchy, you do you. That is totally fine. Play with placement and manipulate pumpkins as you add. 
  • The dangly pumpkin gives you motion and depth to your design in all sorts of directions.
  • Remove sections from your Orange Berry Stem from your main bundle. Keep them long. Insert into foam poking out from your center transition point, flowing out. Keep the flow going out and around as you add your pieces.
  • Fill in with smaller pieces of greenery or your Smilax bush around your small center pumpkin. Step back and eyeball any gaps you might have in your project. 
  • Add some twigs to pop out from your center pumpkin to add some fun.  These embellishments keep it wispy and twiggy throughout! No bow needed! I just love it. 

If you feel extra inspired after this, be sure to check out my Design School. I love to work with so many different types of people. Everyone there just wants to learn more and perfect their crafting skills, all while having a good time with some wonderful people. Doesn’t that sound pretty great?

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