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Patriotic Firework Swag

June 6, 2023 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Patriotic, Swag

This patriotic firework swag is just so easy to make and utilizes the colors of this great country, red white, and blue! You can use it for not only the 4th of July but Veterans Day, Presidents Day, or even Labor Day. The best part? It’s super simple but looks amazing! Follow along in this tutorial and learn how you can make your own swag.

Patriotic Firework Swag

What better way to show your love for this great country, the United States of America, than with adorable firework rockets exploding with cute star-like exhaust on your front door?

Swags are so much fun to make, and really, so easy to do as well. No need to be intimidated when looking at this door hanger, even though it may seem like a lot of work. That is what I love about making them. Swags are always adorable, no matter the occasion. They brighten up any door, porch, entryway, or patio in the simplest of ways.

firework picks with red white and blue bow

You too can be creative and make amazing swags yourself. I am here to teach and guide you through it as you watch this video tutorial. I hope you learn a few techniques to help you improve your swag-making skills or maybe even start on your very first one! I am sure that as you watch and create this patriotic firework swag with me, you will be thinking to yourself, “What style of swag can I make next?”

Just imagine how adorable your front porch will look with this swag hanging from your front door, lined with any number of red, white, and blue potted flowers on each side of the entryway. Why not add tiny American flags to your flower pots to really show that patriotic spirit.

I feel so proud to be an American just picturing how cute this would be. Let’s get started and have some fun with flowers.



  • Grab your 3 different patriotic ribbons – burlap with glitter stars, red gingham, blue gingham, and your bowmaker. We will begin with the stars. 
  • The recipe for this bow is a 3-2-1-1, known as a Bonus Blast off Bow, with 6 inch loops and an 8” tails. Don’t forget to dovetail those ends. Start your tail up. Make your loop at 6”, then go to the center and twist. Then twist again and repeat making two loops on each size. Take and fluff your loops out and hold at the center as you continue to make your loops. Scrunch it down and pull your tail to 8” and cut. Don’t forget to cut those ends at an angle to match.
  • Adding in your second ribbon, red gingham this time, make your loops just a bit shorter in length, 5”. Making only two loops on each side with this ribbon. Be sure your 2 loops fall between the 3 loops of your first layer of bow.
  • To make your colors pop, we will add another layer of the burlap with stars ribbons. With each layer of the bow, your tails are decreasing in length about 1-2 inches. This layer of loops will also be 5” long.
  • Adding in your final ribbon, blue gingham in the front, make your loops just a bit shorter in length, 4.5” this time. Complete this layer with a scrunch, and cut the tails at an angle. 
  • Secure it with an 8” cable tie by separating the tails of your bow and sliding it right in there. Holding in place with one finger, pull it a little tight. Remove from the bow maker and rotate the zip tie to the back. It is still a bit lose so you can carefully fluff loops and adjust tails so everything is in the right position, like a flower. Now attach a 11” or 14” cable tie to the back of your bow, pulling nice and tight now. Trim off excess zip tie. This is how you will attach it to your swag.
  • Finish bow by adding a gingham ribbon of your choice, by cutting a little strip of ribbon, folding in half nice and thin. Then use this to tie around the center of your bow to hide your mechanics. Add a couple of knots to make it secure. Trim excess ribbon. Set aside.
  • Grab your 3 rocket curly stems and fan out the pieces so they are big and full. We are creating shape, dimension, and proper position. instead of having a hot mess. 
  • With your stems, place your blue rocket curly stem in the center, resting taller than the other two rocket stems, on its opposite sides. Manipulate the pieces so they accent each other and highlight the features. Pop pieces forward, turn seams to the back, create a desirable look from the beginning by paying attention to the details. Your other rocket stems on each side should be the same height to create an even, lined up look. 
  • To build your swag, grab a cable tie, run it under the bottom of all 3 stems, and attach at the base of your accessories. Be sure your stems are all resting flat and not pulling on top of each other. Pull cable tie secure, and don’t worry about it being seen. The bow will cover it up later.
  • Place a second cable tie towards the bottom of all 3 stems to continue to build the base of our swag. Be sure to move your cable tie nubs to the front, and trim the excess cable tie.
  • Grab your red, white and blue glitter star stems and place upside down on your swag, giving an appearance of exhaust from the rockets shooting off the top. We aren’t attaching that stem yet.
  • Adjust your rocket pieces to pop out in directions that are pleasing to the eye, now that your base of the swag is a bit more secure. You want them to match on each side and have dimensions.
  • Grab your bow, resit it on top, and be sure you like it’s placement with the star stem shooting out. Do you have enough space to see the stars or do you need to pull them down a little bit? Make adjustments before attaching your star stem onto your swag with a cable tie. “Shake hands” with your star stem accessories so they pop out in all directions. So glad this is a wired stem. 
  •  Flip your swag over and find the long, white star stem. Help support it to the swag by attaching it to the tallest blue rocket simply by poking it in the bottom.
  • Grab your 18 gauge floral wire and determine placement for best hanging. You will want to attach it to your swag up top by your tallest rocket so it hangs nicely on your door. With the wire, fold in half softly, and twist on ends to secure together. Then take those ends and bend over your fingers a bit to create a U-loop. Placing those ends resting on 2 of the white stems, grab a cable tie to secure the u-loop wire in place. Pull nice and tight. Trim excess cable tie and wrap your excess wire around white stems to secure in place. Push the cable tie nub to the side so it is hidden. 
  • Grab your bow with your long cable tie and place it resting between the first 2 ties you used to build your swags with all of the stems. This holds it in place. Pull nice and tight, leaving the nub in front so it doesn’t scratch your door. Trim excess of the cable tie.
  • Fluff your bow loops. Grab your longest tails and weave them back behind your star stems so the stars rest on top, easy to be seen. Grab your next layer of ribbon, red gingham tails, and roll the edges to break the plain to add depth and dimension. Repeat rolling your tails with the next layers, building upon each other, creating a cohesive finished look for your patriotic firework swag.

Patriotic Wall Decor Ideas

Patriotic wall decor ideas are a fantastic way to infuse a sense of national pride and honor into any space. From homes to offices, patritoic decor options can help create a vibrant and patriotic atmosphere. One popular idea is to hang American flags or patriotic banners on the walls.

Also hanging red, white, and blue wreaths, and swags like this one on your front door or even inside will be a meaningful way to showcase one’s love for your country.

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