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Make Your Own Patriotic Wildflower Arrangement

March 10, 2021 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Floral Designs Tutorials, Patriotic

Ready to have some fun with flowers? Then this simple patriotic wildflower arrangement that even has a farmhouse feel that I love is a perfect craft to just have some fun with flowers. With a mason jar and some red, white, and blue floral pieces you can create a beautiful patriotic arrangement just in time for Memorial Day.

red can with blue wildflowers, red berries, and white buds

Supplies needed:

Tools Needed:

  • Gorilla Glue
  • Hot Glue
  • Wire Cutters
red mason jar and floral craft supplies in top photo and mason jar flower arrangement in the bottom photos

Simple Patriotic Wildflower Arrangement Instructions

Place your floral foam black in the center of your mason jar using gorilla glue and hot glue on the bottom of the block before placing.

Separate the blue Cosmo floral spray using wire cutters and make into three separate pieces. Place them into floral foam block by pushing them in. Making a simple cluster right in the center.

Using your blue filler bush trim them down and then dip the ends into hot glue and work your way around the center. Alternate the berry stem with the flower stem. Give them a gentle tug outward to give them a wildflower look.

Now add red berries. Make 3 sections out of red berry stems. Place one red berry stem and place in hot glue and place it right near the edge. Repeat this in the next two sections.

With your white bloom filler cut them into 6 individual pieces at the very bottom of the stem.

Place the white bloom very tight to the Cosmo blue flowers. Repeat working your way around the flowers.

Using your wire cutters pull the end of the stem of the grass pieces to make the wire a bit longer. Place these grass pieces in-between the red berry placements already placed. Dip in hot glue before placing. You want to give them a good bend outward and down.

Lastly make a simple bow. Take your ribbon and wrap it around the jar to make an anchor point for the bow by tieing a nice knot. Double knot to keep it nice and tight. Curl up the bottoms to add some flair. To add some loops to your bow just cut a piece of ribbon and make two loops the size you desire. Now pinch and scrunch in the middle. Use a cable tie around the center and then attach another cable table to the back to use to attach to your anchor bow.

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