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Moss Bunny Door Hanger

February 19, 2021 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Door Hangers, Easter

Ready set it is time for Spring! I love this time of year when all the flowers are blooming and the colors of pastels are all around. This Easter bunny door hanger will for sure make you feel like spring has arrived.

Grab your supplies and follow the steps below to make a super cute Peter Rabbit to hang on your front door in less than 30 minutes.

moss bunny decoration with faux carrots and orange, white, and green bow


  • Scissors
  • EZ Bow Maker


DIY Moss Bunny Door Hanger Tutorial

Grab your EZ Bow maker which is amazing in helping hold your bow while you make it. Before you start making the bow think about how long you need your tails to hang off your bunny before you start making your bow.

We want the tails to be 16 inches to hang off the bunny perfectly. Let’s measure out 16 inches and cut the end at a angle and twist it in the middle and pull down and make your first loop at 5.5 inches and twist. Then measure out 5.5 inches of a loop and twist. Now we will repeat them again on both sides at 5.5 inches per loop.

Now fluff out your loops and pull your tail down at hte same length and cut an opposite angle. Now grab your green ribbon it will be going on top of the bow you just made.

Let’s bring in the green ribbon and make the tails at 14 inches and making the loops at 5 inches. You will only being doing one loop on each side with the green ribbon. This is called a 2-1 bow

To secure your bow grab your 8-inch cable tight and secure it around the middle of your bow but do not pull all the way tight just yet. Then fluff your loops out and every loop will get its own position. You want movement in everything! Nothing is flat. Trim the little cable tie tail off. To finish off your bow wrap a small piece of ribbon around the middle to hide the cable tie. Just wrap it around and tie a knot in the back.

Roll up the ends of your bow tails to make it have some curl action.

Taking your orange berry stem. Take two pieces of your berry stem and fluff them out. You may hear me call this shaking hands. this is important when working with artificial flowers. This allows you to fluff the wires. Now line them up touch but opposite facing.

Now add some carrots on each side and in the middle of that line you just made and cable tie it together and now you have a long piece of greenery with carrot picks. Let’s call this the floral arrangement.

Placing the floral arrangement towards the neck of the bunny. Using a cable tie push through into your bunny and pull it back through your bunny base. Now bring your cluster back to the center with the bow and place it sideways. Now you can pull your cable together around that cluster and pull tight.

Now you are done, look at that super cute Peter Rabbit you created!

moss bunny decoration with faux carrots and orange, white, and green bow

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