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DIY Elegant Snowy Magnolia Wreath

November 25, 2020 | Christmas, DIY Seasonal Decor, Wreath Tutorials

Magnolia wreaths can be used all-year-round or even for holiday décor inside your home or as a fabulous door wreath. Follow these steps below and make your own beautiful snowy magnolia wreath.

grapevine wreath with magnolia flowers and leaves

DIY Snowy Magnolia Wreath

This magnolia wreath was made in two sittings, so it’s definitely not on the quick and easy side of wreath making. The tutorial videos for each sitting are available in the instructions below.

Supplies Needed


How to Make A Snowy Magnolia Wreath

  1. Take your beautiful magnolia stems and magnolia leaves and fluff each of the petals before we begin. Clip the extra from the bottom of your magnolia leaf stem with your wire cutters and dip it in your glue pot. Place the first one on top of the wreath pointing upward. Repeat the same thing with another leaf stem and place on the bottom of your wreath. Split your last magnolia leaf stem in half with your wire cutters so you have 2 pieces to use.
  2. Next, we’ll work with your magnolia flowers! Give your flowers some motion by bending the flower forward a bit. Clip a few inches from the flower and use your hot glue to insert the flower in the top of your wreath. Do the same with your second magnolia and hot glue just lower and to the left of the first flower. Use some Spanish moss if you need to cover up the hot glue.
  3. Take another sugared magnolia leaf stem and clip it into two pieces with your wire cutters. Dip the end of a smaller piece into the glue pot and place the leaves behind the top magnolia flower. Place the rest of your magnolia leaves aside for later.
  4. Now let’s hand tie our bow with the navy and plaid wired ribbon. Start by making a tail about inches 18 inches long, then add a 7-inch loop on each side. Continue on top with another 6-inch loop on each side and remember to twist in the middle. Cut your tail about the same as the other tail at an angle. With your navy backed with gold wired ribbon, make a simple bow with 2 tails slightly shorter than the first bow, and two loops also slightly shorter than the plaid. Add the solid navy bow on top of the plaid bow and secure it together with a cable tie. Insert a second cable tie through to use to attach your bow to your wreath.
  5. Use your cable tie to attach your bow just under the magnolia on the left of the wreath. Adjust your bow tails so you have one plaid and one navy going up towards the top of the bow and the others down. Use your fingers to curl up the ends of your tails. Tie in the top plaid tail into the wreath above the magnolia flower with a cable tie.
  6. Grab another magnolia leaf stem and dip it in your glue and place it behind your bow to the left. Place one more to the right of your bow with the hot glue.
  7. Next, take your icy branches with snowflakes craft stem and spread the branches out. Separate each piece out so we can use it throughout the wreath. Use your wire cutters to take out the snowflakes, setting them aside. Take a few branches and twist the bottoms together before you dip in your glue pot. Place your first set of icy branches to the right of the top Magnolia. Do the same for a second group of icy branches and add them behind your other magnolia flower.
  8. Continue using the icy branches a few together at a time, and add another group behind the bow with your hot glue. Add another group of icy branches behind the bow to the right.  Glue another cluster of ice branches behind the bow on the top and one more behind the bow shooting downward on the bottom of your wreath.
  9. Now we are going to grab some blueberries! Take your blueberry craft pick and cut it into 3 pieces. Use your fingers to curl the twigs so they are different than the other branches we have used. Dip the end in your hot glue and place it behind your bow to the left. Place another blueberry branch with your hot glue behind the bow and to the right. You can place your last blueberry branch in between the two magnolia flowers on the top.

Now it’s time to take it to the next level!

I just couldn’t stop there! Of course you could stop after the first stage and it would be perfectly amazing, but these next steps create so much additional texture.

  1. Grab a second blueberry craft pick and fluff the branches. Now take your spare grapevine wreath and find the thicker branch that goes around the twigs and acts as the support. Use your pruning shears to snip that support and unwind it. This will free up the smaller twigs to use in our wreath. Unwind the smaller twigs to about the length of around your wreath and snip some off.
  2. Take a couple of smaller twigs and place them in the wreath behind the top magnolia flower, then loop the twigs around and insert the middle of your twigs behind your lower magnolia flower, leaving the end of your twigs to curl up and over. This will add some depth to your wreath. When you are happy with their position, you can use cable ties to secure them in your wreath or add some hot glue to the ends also if necessary. Add your cable tie through the back of the wreath and cinch your twigs in there tight. Clip the ends with your wire cutters.
  3. Now we can find the right spot for our wreath hanger. Take your wreath and find the top and try to balance on your finger to see if that is the right spot to add it. You’ll want the magnolia flower to be at the top of the wreath. When the balance feels right, add the wire up through the back of your wreath, make a loop for hanging, then put the end up through the other side. Then twist the sides to the loop to secure it in.
  4. Unwind a few more loops of twigs from your spare grapevine wreath and clip with your pruning shears. If there are any leaves on your twigs, go ahead and pull them off. Twist your twigs together to a make smaller circle with the ends extending past your circle. Place these twigs behind the top magnolia flower and tie them into the wreath with your cable tie. If your cable tie is showing, grab some Spanish moss and glue a patch on top to cover it up.
  5. Let’s cut a few more twigs from your spare grapevine to about a half a loop long. Dip one end into your glue pot and place it in between your magnolia flowers. Dip another end of twigs in the hot glue and place it behind the bow on the bottom, letting the end loop up towards the center and tuck the end into the wreath up top. Cut some more twigs from your spare grapevine about a loop long and dip one end in your hot glue. Add it into the top of your wreath and let it loop down and insert the end of your twigs into your wreath.
  6. Grab your birch branch with blueberries and separate into two pieces using your pruning shears. Twist any branches with your fingers to add some curl. Dip the end in glue and place it behind your top Magnolia flower. Take some of your birch branches and wind them into your grapevine twigs. Add another blueberry birch branch behind your bow with the ends flowing up.
  7. Cut your last blueberry birch branch into two pieces, fluffing any branches you need and curl up any twigs with your fingers. Place a branch in underneath your bottom bow in between the tails. Add your last blueberry branch in between your magnolia flowers towards the top. Take some Spanish moss and add it over any glue that might be showing.

Take a look at all of your hard work into this beautiful Snowy Magnolia wreath! Enjoy!


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