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Make Your Own Candy Corn Door Hanger

August 28, 2020 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Halloween

Are you ready to create something fun with candy corn? If so, then this is the craft for you. I love making something simple for my front door for Fall. This candy corn door hanger kit is the perfect project for your front door. This one is perfect for the new crafter!

It’s such a simple fun project to do for yourself or to give away as a teacher gift! Just have fun and be creative. This is going to be so fun!

before and after of candy corn craft kit and assembled door hanger

Supplies Needed for Candy Corn Door Hanger

  • Candy Corn Ribbon
  • Candy corn picks (Small and Large)
  • Candy Corn Plush

Tools Needed for Candy Corn Door Hanger

How to Make Your Own Candy Corn Door Hanger

  1. The first thing we are going to do is take your supplies and put them to the side and make a base for your door hanger
  2. Lay some of your candy corn ribbon down flat on your workspace
  3. Grab your big candy corn pieces and lay them at the top of your ribbon and then place your smaller candy corn pieces at the bottom. The stems of the picks should be touching very closely.
  4. Now loop around your ribbon, about a 6-inch loop that will become the hanger. Cut a little tail on the end so you have a little bit of ribbon to hold the hanger. Your total extra will be a total of 16 inches.
  5. Take your cable tie and then gather your ribbon at the top of your big candy corn piece you have laying on the ribbon. Then take your ribbon end and do a twist.
  6. Hold it tight with a cable tie. Now you have your door hanger loop that is secure and ready to hang on your door hanger.
  7. Using your hot glue secure the back of your ribbon to the back so it does not flap
  8. Find the center of your candy candy picks. Use a cable tie to secure them in the center. Be sure to include the ribbon when cinching
  9. Now determine how long you want your tail to come down past your door hanger. Likely 6-8 inches will be best. Fold the end in half and duck tail the end of the ribbon so it is nice and pretty
  10. Make your bow (see below)
  11. Find the center of your door hanger and attach the bow a little bit higher than the center. Attach it to the whole piece and be sure to get it really tight when securing it on. Then trim off the cable tie.
  12. Fluff your bow again and give your candy corn picks a little dimension by pulling them towards you.
  13. Take your plush candy corn and make a little slit in the back so you can rub a zip tip can be attached.
  14. Attach the candy corn plush to the center of the door hanger.
  15. Use glue to secure the top of the candy corn plush to the ribbon part of the door hanger.
door hanger with candy corn attachments and ribbon

How to Make a Giant Bow for your Candy Corn Door Hanger

  1. Grab your bow maker
  2. Measure out 16-inch tail come to the center and twist, then a 7-inch loop and twist, another 7-inch loop and twist.
  3. Repeat the 7 inches and twist twice again
  4. Now cut the tails into angles to each other
  5. Now do another loop in the center
  6. This time start your tail at 16 inches also
  7. Make a loop at 6 and 1/2 and twist to make two loops and repeat again.
  8. Make the tail ends angle in at each other
  9. Take a cable tie and cinch it tight.
  10. Run a cable tie through the back and pull it tight. This is how you will attach it to your door hanger.
  11. Be sure to fluff your bow to make it all pretty!

Just be creative and have fun! Can’t wait to create with you again soon! Check out my other Halloween Crafts


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