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Make Your Own Birthday Wreath

July 20, 2021 | Door Hangers, Wreath Tutorials

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to celebrate a birthday? Why not make your own birthday wreath. This can even be a great DIY project to do for a child’s birthday. With this step by step tutorial, you will see exactly how to make your own birthday wreath to really make someone’s birthday extra special this year!

Make Your Own Birthday Wreath

Today I am going to show you just how simple it is to mix different elements into your door hangers. You will see in this particular door hanger we are using lots of different picks and other fun things that just look amazing mixed together. When you are mixing different elements in your designs you just want to make sure all of your supplies coordinate well.

I like to start by matching my ribbons to the color of my wreath base. To help make sure all the supplies you are using in your wreath match start by taking your wreath base colors and pulling all your supplies together by matching those colors. Follow along as I show you exactly how to match elements using a premade wreath base. I just love working with premade wreath bases they really make wreath making so much more fun! I think you will like working with them too!

pink and blue cupcake door hanger with faux donut and cupcake picks.

In this tutorial, I also touch base on the importance of making sure you do not put too much weight on one side of your door hanger. It is SOOOO important you balance out what you place into your foam blocks. Basically, what you do to one side you will need to do to the other side. This really helps keep your weight distributed.

Once you are done creating this super cute birthday wreath I promise you will have the kids begging for their own personalized wreath each birthday! You can even make them extra special and add personalization to these wreaths by adding their names to a ribbon tail! That would be oh so cute!

Be sure to just have fun when it comes to designing and if want to learn more tips and techniques to wreath making be sure to join me in Kelea’s Design School. This is where I teach more techniques and tips to help you learn how to create like a professional floral designer. Be sure to join the waitlist today!

pink and blue cupcake door hanger with faux donut and cupcake picks.


  • Attach a door hanger to your wreath base if it did not come with one. If it already had one you do not need to add one. Next, cut your foam block to fit into the middle of your wreath base. Cut it so it is nice and snug in place and dip the base of your foam block into the hot glue pot and secure it down. After it is pressed down take a floral pin and dip in the glue pot and push in the floral pins through the grapevine wreath part into your foam block to really hold it in place. I used 4 pins!
  • Add in 3 whimsical pink picks on each side of your foam block.
  • Cut your donut pick where you have two donuts together and a single one. Dip the ends into the hot glue and push your two donut stems on top of your foam block and the single one on the bottom. Once they are places you can adjust them a little to where you like them.
  • Now it is time to add in your cupcake picks. Trim them down to be a little shorter and layer these on top of the picks you already placed.
  • Time to make your bow! Using your EZ bow maker start with your teal and white polka dot ribbon, pulling your tail down and making your loops at 6.5 inches, and repeat. Doing two loops and twisting at the center. Bring your tail down and cut at an angle.
  • Adding in your pink colored ribbon next. Make your tail length the same and make these loops at 6 inches, and twist at the middle. Repeat twice on each side. Spread your loops apart, pull your tail down, and cut at an angle. Secure your bow with a cable tie. Then add some pressure and rotate it to the back, now fluff your bow. Add a floral pick to the back of your ribbon and put some hot glue on it and push it down into your foam block! Adding your bow to the center of your door hanger.
  • Roll up the tails of your ribbon and give it some love.
  • Attach your ice cream cone using a BBQ skewer dip it in glue and push it into your ice cream cone in the back. Then trim the skewer down a little bit and hit that end with glue and gently push it into the foam.
  • To finish off your door hanger work with your dimension and give your picks some movement. Pull them around and give them all a place to be seen!

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