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Lemon Moss Wreath

May 27, 2021 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Summer, Wreath Tutorials

Brighten up your front door with this lemon moss wreath. You will love the pop of yellow this wreath brings to your front door this summer! In this video tutorial, I will show you how easy it is to freestyle an eye-catching wreath that is filled with lemons, sunflowers, and beautiful greenery.

Lemon Moss Wreath

square moss wreath

In this lemon moss wreath tutorial, I am showing you just how to freestyle with flowers, picks, and greenery. When you are finished you will see just how easy it is to turn your wreath base into a work of art. For this project, I took my inspiration from a premade bow I made on bow Wednesday and gathered my supplies. I ended up not using any ribbon or the bow in this wreath but used it solely for my inspiration. I think it turned out super cute!

The most important thing to remember when it comes to freestyling is that things can change when you are designing. What you like today might not be what you like the next time you are designing a wreath. I started by thinking I would use that bow but you can see in the finished photo there is no bow! That is the best thing about freestyling guys! You can start with an idea and end up with something completely different when finished.

As you watch or join in with me freestyling this lemon moss wreath I hope you see your potential when it comes to wreath making. Join me in Kelsea’s Design school where I teach you the techniques and tips needed to learn how to create like a professional floral designer.

Watch the video here:



  • Attach a foam black with wire and tie it on really good in the center top of your moss base
  • Add your greenery but before prep it by fanning it out to help deconstruct it
  • Create your perimeter and find 2 pieces that are similar in size to help create your base and provide symmetry up top. Push one on each side of your floral foam base. Add more greenery sprays along the foam up top.
  • Add your blue sunflower spray and prep by working the wire and trimming off stem. Using hot glue to secure them. Use more greenery to fill in any gaps you see
  • Next add your lemon spray and work your wire on your lemon spray to have them flow down with your placed sunflowers and greenery.
  • Add your Blueberries but fluff before adding. Cut your stems to appropriate length to allow it to drape down your moss form towards the bottom on each side.
  • Add more blue sunflower spray, and lemons to give that added pop of yellow
  • Place some ivy and have fun with the placement
  • Add your yellows! This will be for popping it in your greenery and add that extra color you will need.
  • Be sure to step back take a look and add any greenery, ivy, more florals, or berries that need to be added to fill any empty spaces you see.
square moss wreath with lemons and sunflowers

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