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How To Make A Halloween Kitty Door Hanger

August 21, 2020 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Floral Designs Tutorials, Halloween

Halloween wreaths are so fun to make at home. If you are looking for a whimsical or spooky theme you can surely make either in no time with our kits or supplies you have gathered at home.

If you are like me I tend to make more of the less spooky wreaths and today I am sharing with you how to make a Halloween kitty door hanger to decorate your entrance this Halloween season!

Supplies Needed to Make a Halloween Kitty

  • Kitty shaped grapevine wreath
  • Black and White Plaid Ribbon 
  • Candy Corn Picks

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a halloween kitty door hanger craft kit checkered black and white material with candy corn attachments

Tools Needed to Make a Halloween Kitty

  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutters
  • Glue

How to Make a Halloween Kitty

  1. Start by making a little design at the neck of the kitten wreath. We are first going to make this on our own.  Grab some orange berry picks. Then pull them off the stem. You do not need to cut anything. Once you have the berries off the stem you will have a nice pile of them. Lay your berries down around the neck just to see how it lays. We are going to make this very basic. Pull all the paper off the stems of the berry twigs. Once you have it spaced out you can trim the stems down. You will have 2 berries going up and 2 berries going down. Overlap them real nice now and gather them together nice and tight. Where they overlap in the middle. You will notice you may have to trim a little extra off. 
  2. Next add in the black and white plaid balls. You will trim the stem down to about 3 inches. Now take your balls and space them out to make it super cute. Now place that on top of the berry twigs. 
  3. Now grab your big candy corn stems and put one on each side bringing the ends of the stems to the center. 
  4. You will want to find the center of your cluster and place a zip tie around it and pull it tight. If you feel any part of this cluster is a little lose you can always put a little bit of glue to secure it a bit better
  5. Now place it in the wreath neck with a little candy corned. Pull a cable tie sideways through the neck of the wreath. This is how you are going to secure your creation to the wreath. Just thread it through the grapevine wreath then place the cluster creation you just finished where you want it and secure the zip tie cable around the center. Wiggle it where you would like it and then pull the zip tie all the way tight. 

You can always put your own design twist on this Halloween Kitten Wreath. So many different options where you can put your cute creation 

checkered kitty shaped grapevine door hanger with candy corn attachments

How to Make the Perfect Halloween Decorative Bow

  1. Measure out where you want your tail to land. Then twist it and make a loop. Keep repeating making loops till you have just a two loop bow. Take a cable tie to hold the center. Now put an attachment cable tie in the back which is how you will add the bow to your wreath. Such a cute simple bow. 
  2. Trim the tails of your bow. Now attach your bow to your wreath at the neck of the kitten. This will be right in the middle of your creation you already attached. 
  3. Depending on how you want your tails you can trim them the same length or you can have one longer than the other and let it flow down. 

Look over your wreath and see if you have covered all your cable ties. You can use berries to cover any cable ties you see. You can also fold a piece of ribbon to cover it as well. You can do this with glue. 

To put the finishing touches on your Halloween Kitty Wreath you can add in your extra berries to fluff up the arrangements as well as fluff up your bow. Don’t forget to wiggle your pieces around to make sure it has some dimension to pop off your door

checkered black and white kitty door hanger for Halloween

There you have a super cute Halloween Kitten Wreath Candy Corn door hanger. Be sure to share with us all the fun creations you have made! Remember to just be creative, and have fun! 


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