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Simple Gingerbread Christmas Swag Craft Tutorial

August 12, 2020 | Christmas, DIY Seasonal Decor, Floral Designs Tutorials

Looking for a simple and easy Christmas decoration to do at home? This is the perfect at home project if you are. With very few supplies needed you can have your next Christmas swag done in less than 45 minutes.

collage of images of a christmas swag and craft supplies to make it

Learn How to Make a Gingerbread Swag for Christmas

There’s something special about making your own holiday decor. It doesn’t matter if it’s Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, it’s just plain amazing.

felt gingerbread men and evergreen stems for Christmas swag

Supplies Needed for Easy Christmas Swag

How to Make an Easy Christmas Swag

  1. Grab your swag base and fluff all the pieces. Make sure you are putting them in their own planes. Remember when they come out from shipping they are compact. Turn the greenery the right way just in case it is backwards or upside down. 
  2. Once you have your swag the way you want it. You will do the same thing to your pick. You will take your time and move things the way you want them. If things are twisted, wiggle it around and get everything where you want it. 
  3. Take your swag base and then take the long stem of your pick just push it in the front of your swag base. Use the circle that you will use for hanging to help anchor the pick to the arrangement. 
  4. You will take your time and hide the stem by attaching two cable ties that are green. This will help hide the ties when using the green tie. You might need three total. 
  5. Be sure to go and trim your ties once they are secure
  6. Now take your greenery and move them a little to cover the cable ties if you can see one. 
  7. Now you have a choice where to place your gingerbread men. You can cut a gingerbread man off to use in your design. Which is what I will do. 
  8. Then take your pick with the two gingerbread men left and stick the pick all the way down. Now make your two gingerbread men are different heights. It always looks better when they are at different heights.
  9. Use a cable time to secure your gingerbread men in place. 
  10. You will do the same thing with the single gingerbread man stem at the bottom. I took the wire and bent it back so that way he can be on the top. Secure him in with a cable tie as well. 
  11. Double check and see if the attachment point needs to be hidden. If so, move some of the candy pieces around to make sure your cable tie is hidden. 

Now that you have made your base for your Gingerbread swag. Time to make your bow!

How to Create Your Blast Off Bow

  • You will be creating 3 loops, 2 loops, then 1 loop.
  • You will need 2 cable ties, wire cutters, scissors, 1 and ½ inch ribbon, and 2 ½ inch ribbon.
  • Start with your red and white strip. Make your tails a bit longer. You will make it about 20 inches and trim the end at an angle. 
  • Measure it out and then twist at the center. Then roll it out to 6 inches and then twist. Then repeat and twist until you have three loops on each side. 
  • Finally, when you are done with all the loops you scrunch. Then match up your tails and trim. 
  • Now you have your first layer of the bow.
  • Grab your candy pattern ribbon.
  • Match up the end angle and decrease your tail length by two inches so they stagger.
  • Now come in at 51/2 inches and twist and do this so you have two loops on each side.
  • Now that you are done with your loops scrunch in the center. 
  • Fix your tails with the correct angle cuttings and decrease in length. 
  • Now for your last and final loop. Now the same way. Decrease the tail length and cut the angle in the same direction.
  • Make a loop by measuring out 5 inches then twist and make another on the opposite side.
  • Now to take off the bow maker take a cable tie and secure it in the center. Do not secure all the way tight. Now flip the bow and fluff each layer of the bow. You will want to spread them out so the candy cane and red and white ribbon are beautiful.
  • Take a cable tie and run it through the back of the other table tie. This is how you will attach the bow to your swag base.
  • Now cut a piece of ribbon to cover the cable ties.
  • Just fold it so it looks nice and natural. 
  • Now it is time to add just find the center where you made your swag connect with your pick and zip tie your bow to the center.

Take some time to work with your bow and lay them where you want them in swag. Do not be afraid to have your own style and place your bow where you want them! 

Christmas swag with gingerbread men and candy

Have fun and be creative making your own easy Christmas Swag. Share with us in the comments your final project!


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