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How To Make A Fall Pumpkin Swag

September 28, 2023 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Fall, Swag

If you’re all about that cozy, rustic vibe but want a fresh twist, we’ve got just the thing: a Pumpkin Fall Swag with Eucalyptus. This ain’t your grandma’s fall decor; it’s a modern take that blends elegance with nature’s bounty. Ready to spruce up your space with this effortlessly chic swag?

White Pumpkins, Eucalyptus and Pods Fall Swag

White pumpkins? Yep, you heard right. Forget the traditional orange – white pumpkins bring a crisp, clean look to your fall decor. They’re like a breath of fresh air for your space. These beauties can be your canvas for creativity.

In the end, your swag will be a breath of fresh air in your fall decor. It’s effortlessly chic, casually welcoming, and oh-so-modern. Hang it on your door, over your mantel, or anywhere that needs a touch of fall flair. With this swag, you’ll be celebrating the season with style, embracing the elegance of white pumpkins, the serenity of eucalyptus, and the rustic charm of pods. 

The beauty of a White Pumpkins, Eucalyptus & Pods Fall Swag is its versatility. You can easily adapt it to fit your unique style and space. Hang it horizontally for a classic look, or go vertical for something a little different. Add a ribbon or some burlap for an extra rustic touch, or keep it sleek and minimalistic. It’s like a chameleon of fall decor, blending effortlessly into any setting. So, why wait? Let’s get crafting and bring the freshness of fall into your home!

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  • You are going to start by adding your first pods stem to your Large Green 30″ Swag Base. I placed mine up the center of the swag, sticking up above the swag a little. I attached mine by wrapping pieces of the pine from my swag base around the stem in three different places. 
  • Do the same with your second pods stem, this time facing down. 
  • Add in your Brown Green Eucalyptus stems. I added 3 to the top, on either side of the first pods stem, and 4 to the bottom, on either side of the second pods stem. 
  • Attach your bow below your first pods stem, directly over the stem we are covering up. This will add dimension. 
  • Begin adding your Orange Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Stems throughout your swag. I used three stems above my bow and 4 below, balancing out the other Eucalyptus stems. 
  • Add your pumpkins into your swag. I placed one below my bow, tucking it up and into the bottom of the bow, and a couple below the bow, and a couple above the bow. I attached mine using floral pins, by sticking the pins into the bottom of the pumpkin with a piece of the pine between the pin and pumpkin. 
  • Break down your Autumn Green Maple Hanging Bush into smaller pieces and attach it to your swag. I added a couple pieces below the bow, and a couple above. 
  • I added one more piece of Eucalyptus coming out of the bow, to break up that bow, and your swag is done! 


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