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How to Make an Easter Bunny Door Hanger

February 17, 2020 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Easter, Floral Designs Tutorials

Are you ready for this fun project we’re gonna whip out together? It’s gonna be an awesome simple project where we’re going to take this black and white bunny door hanger that has an adorable gingham fabric in the background.

Text: DIY Bunny Door Hanger - bunny shaped grapevine door hanger with black and white gingham

Simple Bunny Door Hanger

Well we’re going to need is our bunny base, we’re going to use a couple of different bushes. This project is going to be all neutral, so it’s going to be very classic looking. And of course, we’re going to tie a killer bow. So wait till it’s all done. You’re going to LOVE IT!

Supplies and Tools

Bunny Door Hanger Tutorial

Create the Bow

  1. Take out your EZ Bow Maker to assemble the bow.
  2. Start with one of your 2.5″ wired ribbon and create a 16″ tail.
  3. Twist the ribbon and insert in between the dowels.
  4. Create a 6″ loop for each side of the bow.
  5. Trim the tail to match the opposite tail.
  6. Using your second 2.5″ wired ribbon, repeat the same process, making 2 6″ loops on each side.
  7. Twist the loops so they sit in between the first two loops.
  8. Next we’ll incorporate the first 1.5″ wired ribbon, creating one 6″ loop on each side.
  9. Cut the tails the same length as the others.
  10. Next, incorporate the third 2.5″ wired ribbon, this time making one 5.5″ loop on each side.
  11. Cut the tails about an inch shorter from the rest.
  12. Finally, we’re adding the second 1.5″ wired ribbon, making one 5″ loops on each side.
  13. Use a zip tie to secure the bow.
  14. Fluff out your bow and trim the tails.
  15. Add another cable tie to the back of the bow, fishing it through the existing cable tie. This is how we’ll be attaching the bow to the bunny base.
  16. Use a strip of your ribbon to cover of the zip tie at the center of the bow.

Adding the Greenery Bushes

  1. Pull the greenery stems apart, keeping as much length to them as possible.
  2. Dip your stems into the glue pot or use your hot glue gun.
  3. Insert the stems into the grapevine leaving a little room for you bow to be attached at the center.
  4. Bend the stems as needed to create some shape.
  5. Once you’re satisfied with the fullness, add your bow at the center, attaching it to the grapevine itself.
  6. Add more greenery stems as need to finalize the design.
Text: DIY Bunny Door Hanger - bunny shaped grapevine door hanger with black and white gingham

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