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DIY Witch Wreath to Dress Up Your Door for Halloween

August 8, 2020 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Halloween, Uncategorized

Halloween is such a fun time to decorate and why not make a fun new wreath to add to your Halloween decor? I am teaching you how to make a Witch Wreath for your front door that is pretty simple and you will for sure love for years to come!

photo collage capturing a witch wreath being made

Supplies Needed to Make a Witch Wreath

Tools Need to Make a Witch Wreath

  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutters

How to Make a Witch Wreath

Time needed: 1 hour.

Remember to have fun and use your creativity. The instructions are just a guide. You can watch the whole tutorial here at Kelea’s Facebook page.

  1. Attach your stuffed witch.

    Start by making a hole in your witch so you can place her into the wreath form. Take your witch and make a slight small hole in her bottom. Dip your stick in some hot glue before inserting your stick in the witch’s bottom. This will keep it from getting lost inside the witch. 

  2. Secure it to the wreath.

    Now with the stick inserted dip the bottom of the stick into the hot glue pan and then push her into the bottom of the wreath a bit off center. Use  a wire or black pipe cleaner and tie her into the wreath as well hiding it under her chin and take it around her neck. 

    You can also take a wire and put it around the leg to secure to the wreath so it does not wiggle while hanging on the wreath on a door.

  3. Pick out or create your own bow.

  4. Add picks

    Now grab your Halloween ball pick and separate the pick and choose the stems that have the colors you wish to use. I omitted the orange in my pick options. 

  5. Create layers.

    Now layer your ball picks with the Halloween pinwheel pick stems.

  6. Glue all the parts into place.

    Once you have a combination you like, dip your stem into the hot glue pan and insert it into the top left corner of your grapevine wreath. 

  7. Fill in with remaining picks.

    You will now use the leftover ball picks and add them to the left side of your wreath working your way down toward the sitting with and space them out from each other. 

  8. Make sure everything is balanced.

    Once you have completed the left side you will start from the bottom right doing the same thing but working your way up just a little adding in the color ball stem picks. However this time you will be sticking the stems in from the bottom of the wreath so they are hanging downward. 

  9. Secure your bow.

    Now it is time to attach your bow. Add wire to the back of your bow so you can attach it to your Witch Wreath. Secure your bow on the right top middle side of the wreath.  As always I love to roll up the tails of my bow. You will come back and adjust her hands. Maybe even find a potion she can hold?!

transformation of a stuffed witch into a witch wreath

The finishing touches!

To put the finishing touches on your witch wreath go back and find those empty spaces that need something fun. Take your purple curl picks and insert them to make areas more full or empty spaces complete. This can be done for the leftover colorful ball picks as well. 

You can go find something to pack in her hands. Look for a cute small sign, a bottle of potion, or a stick to look like a broom handle or stick for stirring her potions! Have fun and get creative.

This Witch Wreath is the perfect addition to your Halloween decorations. Get creative and have fun crafting!


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