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DIY Watermelon Door Hanger

June 8, 2021 | Bow Tutorials, DIY Seasonal Decor, Door Hangers, Our Favorite Designs, Summer

Nothing is better in the summertime than a big slice of fresh watermelon! I love all things watermelon. I love the colors, the taste, and even decorating with them. Come check out this tutorial where I show you how to create the perfect watermelon door hanger to add to your summertime décor.

Watermelon Door Hanger

I love making wreaths and door hangers that are quick and simple. These projects I like to call a quick win. What makes them a quick win is that they can be done in 30 minutes or less as well as require very few supplies. When working with premade bases you can cut down on the time you spend making your door hanger. They also help make really amazing door hangers for your own front door or to sell in your own shop.

watermelon door hanger with white sunflowers and greenery

In this tutorial, I will show you how to work with the colors you already have in your premade base. Then we will go over how to add some dimension that will make your door hanger absolutely gorgeous. If you would like to work along with me making this watermelon door hanger then be sure to grab your supplies and let’s get started!

I just LOVE working with interesting shapes like this. You will love working with this unique shape of a watermelon slice too. In design school, we work with lots of fun shapes and materials. This is where you will learn how to add more color palates and florals to wreaths. If you would like to learn how to create like a professional floral designer then check out Kelea’s Design School!



  • Make your bow, Make first 4 loops at 7 inches and bring tail down and cut at an angle. With second ribbon start tail length at 18 inches and make loops at 6 inches, just one loop on each side. Secure with a cable tie. Attach floral pin to the back so you can attach to hanger later.
  • Attach foam block to watermelon in bottom center. Add floral pins to back to help secure the weight and then cut some ribbon to glue over the pins so your hanger doesn’t scratch a door.
  • Lay your green curly stems on top of the foam block at an angle. Then lay your floral pieces on top of your stems. You can trim the excess wire off to make some pieces a bit shorter where needed.
  • Using hot glue dip the ends of our watermelon picks and place one each on the side of the foam blocks.
  • Add your bow to the middle by pushing your floral pins into your foam block. Work your tails around your already placed greenery. Don’t be afraid to tell your ribbons where to go!
  • With your extra supplies you have left over fill in any spaces you think need a few pieces. Mostly will needed it around the bow to hide the foam.
  • Pull your curls straight up to add a fun little touch to your door hanger!
ribbon and supplies for the watermelon door hanger

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