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DIY Pink Christmas Sweets Wreath

October 16, 2020 | Christmas, DIY Seasonal Decor, Wreath Tutorials

Looking for a way to bring some fun picks, bows, and greenery together to make a fun Pink Sweets Wreath? I knew you were searching and wanting to make something so fun so decided to share with you how to make your own DIY Pink Sweets wreath. Just you wait it will turn out fabulous and just full of pink and some yummy sweets!

pink wreath with sweets all around

How to Make a DIY Pink Sweets Wreath

Use your own creativity to turn this tutorial into other themes! Can you imaging a Halloween or Easter version? Switch out the picks and ribbons to transform this design for a whole other season.

Supplies Needed

  • 12-14 inch Pink Metal Framed Wreath
  • 12-14 inch Grapevine Wreath
  • Foam Snowman Donut
  • 2 Pre-tied Jelly Ribbon Bows
  • 3 Donut Craft Picks (Pink, Chocolate, and Teal Frosted with Sprinkles)
  • Flocked Green Garland
  • Macaroon Craft Spray
  • Cupcake Craft Pick
  • Pink Glitter Craft Spray (3)
  • Pink Cake Pop Craft Pick
  • Pink and White Striped Curly Craft Pick
  • Pink Jelly Wired Ribbon with Iridescent Edge
  • Clear Jelly Wired Ribbon with Iridescent Edge
pink wreath with cute sweet treat attachements

Tools Needed

DIY Christmas Sweets Wreath

  1. First, we are going to attach the grapevine wreath to the back of the pink metal-framed wreath using some cable ties. Try using 2 cable ties to secure it and you can add a few more if you need. You can hang your wreath on a wreath base while you are working if you’d like.
  2. Go ahead and fluff the pink branches of your wreath. Once they are nice and fluffed, grab your foam snowman donut. Use some hot glue to make 2 hangers on the back of the foam snowman donut.
  3. Flatten an area just to the right of the top center of the wreath to fit the snowman. Then you can use cable ties to attach it in that spot.
  4. Next, take the bows we made from last Wednesday with the jelly ribbon and place a cable tie through the back of the bow. Then place it to the left of the snowman on the top of the wreath.
  5. Take the second pre-tied bow and place it underneath the donut on the bottom of the wreath, using a cable tie to attach. You can clip any extra cable tie using your wire cutters.
  6. Now grab your donut craft picks and clip the extra from the bottom. Dip the end of your stem into the glue pot, and place it behind your bow on the top of your wreath, so the donut is slightly down and to the left of the bow.
  7. Next, add the chocolate frosted donut by dipping the stem in hot glue and placing it between the bow and donut on the top of the wreath. Try to wire them in so they are a little longer and can stick out around the snowman’s hat.
  8. Take the last donut pick with the glue on the stem, and add it on the bottom of the wreath underneath the bow.
  9. Grab the flocked green garland strand and cut a few short pieces and a couple of long pieces with your wire cutters. Dip the end of the garland piece in the hot glue and place it behind the bow towards the top. Try to glue it in the greenery, not onto the bow.
  10. Add some more flocked green pieces around to soften up all of the pinks. Start with a piece under the top bow. Then add some behind the snowman donut head, and to the right of the donut itself. Cut two more small pieces of flocked green garland and put them to the right and left of the bottom bow.
  11.  Go ahead and add more flocked green garland where there might be some bare spots, by dipping the stem into the hot glue and sticking them in there to fill those areas. The flocked greenery adds a touch of snow and gives the wreath some body.
  12. Take your macaroon craft spray and divide it into two pieces with your wire cutters. Try clipping the bottom of the spray so it can fit better into the wreath.
  13. Start by placing a few macaroons to the left of the bow on the bottom. More macaroons can be placed underneath the donut next to the bow and behind the top bow. Secure into the wreath form by dipping into the hot glue pot.
  14. Now it is time to add your cupcake craft pick. You want the cupcake to be coming up and out in between the two bows. Dip the stem in the hot glue pot and secure it into the wreath.
  15. Grab your pink glitter craft sprays, dip them into the hot glue, and add them behind the top bow. Add the next one to the right of the snowman’s head, and the last one down from the cupcake pick you just placed.
  16. Tuck the cake pop craft pick between the donut and the macaroons. Go ahead and adjust the cake pops to fill in any empty space once they are secured with hot glue.
  17. Now it is time for the pink striped craft pick to be placed. Cut the 3 pieces apart with your wire cutters and add the first pick behind the glitter craft spray to the right of the snowman’s head. The second striped pick can go on the top of the wreath and the third on the left side of the wreath. Feel free to uncurl the craft picks to your liking.
  18. It’s time to add a little sparkle with your jelly ribbon. Cut a length of ribbon about 12-18 inches long and roll up the ends from the bottom with your fingers to add some curl. Tuck the middle of the ribbon into the wreath on the left side, then place the curls around the inserted craft picks. Alternate this step with the clear and pink jelly ribbon on the sides and top and bottom of your wreath.
  19. Take a look at your project and see if any picks, bows, or ribbon that needs to be positioned differently. Make any adjustments needed and enjoy your new wreath!
pink wreath with sweets all around

What a fun wreath this is to make! Share with us in the comments your finished creations. Can’t wait to see them all!


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