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Make Your Own Peppermint Door Hanger

September 2, 2020 | Christmas, DIY Seasonal Decor

Hey, it is almost Christmas and if you’re anything like me you are already thinking of what to add new to your decor this year. I don’t know if this Christmas Red and Silver Lollipop Kit will still be available, but it makes the cutest peppermint door hanger, ever!

All you need to do is gather a few tools and supplies and in less than 30 minutes you will have a peppermint door hanger to hang on your front door this Christmas Season.

faux peppermint lollipop with pine and ornaments with a bow

Supplies needed to Make a Peppermint Door Hanger

  • 36 inch red and white peppermint lollipop
  • Candy cane spray
  • Muted green sparkly spray
  • Ball Spray
  • Candy Strip Ribbon

Tools Needed to make a Lollipop Door Hanger

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Floral Pins
  • wire cutters
  • scissors to cut the ribbon
  • glue gun or hot glue

How to Make a Peppermint Door Hanger

  • You are going to start with your greenery pick piece.
  • Lay your big lollipop on the table. Cut the bow that comes on the lollipop off. If you want you can save it and use it for another craft.
  • Grab your greenery piece and lay it on your lollipop to get your sizing. You are going to cut it into two pieces. Look at how it is put together and find the perfect place to separate them.
  • Once separated you can fluff the piece out. You will some great greenery in it as you fluff.
  • Find the center of the lollipop then determine which side is the prettiest.
  • Lay the piece of greenery on the lollipop right where the bow was and cut the stem down a little bit
  • Grab your candy cane pick. Cut it into two separate pieces.
  • Now place the two candy canes that are still connected into the greenery.
  • Now take your single candy cane stem and place it stem up and have a candy cane coming down off the giant lollipop
  • Divide your ball spray into two sections (one piece has 4 balls and another will have 3 balls) Slide the set of 3 balls and slide it in on top of the single candy cane stem.
  • Then take the 3 ball stem and slide it in on top of the two candy cane pieces.
  • Take your cable tie and secure all the stems together to the stick of the lollipop. Then trim the zip tie-down.
  • This is where you will move your items around to where they look best and fluff, fluff, fluff
  • Now it is time to make your bow (see below how to do that!)
  • Attach your bow and then fluff it.
  • Cut your ribbon tails at an angle. Mirror image your tails. You can curl them or let them hang straight.
  • To add your door hanger flip your lollipop to the back. Take your pipe cleaner and put it around a U pin and over lap it and then twist it. Then it will be on the pipecleaner. Then dip it into your glue po and press your u pin into the back of the lollipop. Go towards the top do not go directly in. Do the same for the next end.
  • Last touch flip your lollipop back around and fluff back out incase you squashed antyhing when putting hanger on back.
  • Take a ball and cut off the stem and glue it right in the center of your bow. It doesn’t matter what ball you cut off any will work!

How to Make the Bow

  1. Grab your ribbon and one pipe cleaner
  2. Measure out your tail and take your ribbon and pull it out halfway down the lollipop stem. Pull it down and double it and then twist it.
  3. Make one loop and I like mine big so around 5-6 inches. Once you are happy with your loop twist it in the center.
  4. Hold these loops in the middle. Do the same for the other side.
  5. Once you verify that they are even on both sides just scrunch it up really pretty.
  6. You should have two loops and two tails.
  7. Take your pipe cleaner and run it down the center to the back and pull it tight and twist it two times to make it nice and tight.
  8. If your tails are not equal we can fix them in a few.
  9. Now find your cable tie where you tied everything to the candy cane and secure your bow to the plastic cable tie and twist your cable tie to it and then trim.
before and after of a craft kit assembled - peppermint lollipop with pine stems, ornaments and bow

Hope you enjoyed making this Lollipop Door Hanger as much as I did. Share in the comments your finished hanger!


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