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DIY Halloween Centerpiece Decor

June 28, 2024 | Centerpieces, DIY Seasonal Decor, Halloween

Are you searching for a unique DIY Halloween project this for your home decor this Halloween? Look no further than the Frankie Centerpiece Kit, perfect for creating a personalized and cute spooky touch to your Halloween decor. This DIY Halloween Centerpiece Home Decor blends creativity with simplicity, making it an ideal craft for all skill levels.

DIY Centerpiece for Halloween Frankie Centerpiece Kit Supplies

DIY Frankie Centerpiece, Halloween Home Decor

This DIY Halloween Centerpiece Home Decor is straight forward and enjoyable. You’ll need some basic tools like styrofoam, wire cutters, scissors, and hot glue. Begin by setting s tyrofoam inside the bucket, strategically place the twig sprays and, and use the eyeball picks for a finishing touch of flair.

A Halloween Decoration that you can make!

Halloween don’t have to be scary, let me show you how to ghoul cute! Our DIY Frankenstein Centerpiece kit is all about the cute and whimsy of Halloween! This kit is a wonderful way to start a family tradition or simply enjoy some seasonal crafting magic. Add this monster to your collection of spooky decorations and you can reminise about the fun times spent crafting together.

How to make your own Halloween Home Decorations


  • Start by finding cutting the styrofoam so it is nestled inside of the Frankie container so that it sits nicely inside and glue down. I like to use both Gorilla Glue and Hot Glue to really secure it both now and long term.
  • Using the piece of Black Garland Base cut into sections and insert cut sections into styrofoam. Be sure to spread out for maxiumum coverage.
  • Breaking down the Purple Green Orange Felt Ball Twig Spray, strategically place the cut sections throught the design for visual pops of color.
  • Break the Glitter Eye Ball Pick into sections, place cut pieces throughout the centerpiece, seeking places that are blank and fill accordingly.
  • To bring the fun to this centerpiece, take cuts from the White Black Chenille Curly Stem, curl them with your fingers and place them throughout the centerpiece wherever needed.
  • Finish this centerpiece by fluffing the garland to fill in any gaps. Since we know the products used in this kit are wired, you can manipulate the products for premium placement to achieve the best look.

Love Frankenstien for Halloween?

Be sure to check out our Frankenstein Halloween Wreath that we made. He is sure to bring the delight on fright night! If you need more floral inspiration, you can find more Halloween content in my video library.

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