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DIY Christmas Sled Centerpiece

August 7, 2020 | Bow Tutorials, Christmas, DIY Seasonal Decor

When decorating for Christmas sometimes I find myself puzzled and left wondering what to add to the tables in my home. Not just my dining room table but the end tables in my living room too. If you are looking for the perfect decoration for those tables I have the perfect Christmas sled centerpiece for you to make.

collage of supplies and final DIY Christmas centerpiece

How To Make A Christmas Sled Centerpiece

I love the smell of the fresh-cut Christmas tree when walking inside my home. Let me just tell you though my most favorite part about Christmas time is decorating my own home! This easy DIY Christmas project is the perfect festive table arrangement.

Supplies Needed to Make a Christmas Table Arrangement

DIY Christmas Centerpiece

  1. You will start by prepping your sled base and decide which end is going to be your front. Once you decide where your front is hot glue one of your floral foam pieces to the front section of your sled. If you have a glue pot just dip the foam piece into the pan. Let me remind you if using a glue pot skillet do not ever leave it unattended. If you do not have a glue pot a hot glue gun will work just the same.
  2. Grab your berry stem and fluff it to make it more fuller
  3. Next, take your wire cutters and cut the large spray off the berry stem. You will use this piece for your first piece to stick into your foam block. 
  4. You may need to trim it down a bit more to allow it to lay flat and layer them onto your toboggan sled. 
  5. Be sure to place these berry stems in at an angle.
  6. To add some dimension to your Christmas table arrangement take your chunky berry piece and place it into the foam piece as well. 
  7. Take your leftover greenery piece from your berry stem and put on the other side of the chunk of the berry piece. 
  8. Using your wire cutters, cut the next section of the berry stem you have left and cut it into separate pieces. Sometimes it is easier to just tear them apart. 
  9. Take your pine cone piece you have from your berry stem and trim down your stem to become a little bit shorter. Now on the backside of your foam piece take and place the pieces into the back. Placing your pinecone more on the top of the foam to make it pop. 
  10. Take your leftover berry stem pieces and start adding them to the foam piece to add more pieces to your spray. 
  11. You have two extra leaves just place them to the side.
  12. Take your sugar berries that are frosted and place them on the bottom section of the foam piece. 
  13. Now is a good time to make your bow and place into the center of your front foam piece.
  14. Don’t worry about the center of the bow it will not show in this arrangement. 
  15. Now take your tails and make one shorter than the other and make a ducktail on the end.
  16. You will have your bow with one tail longer than the other. This will make more texture and dimension to this Christmas table arrangement.
  17. You will see as you work your way around the foams and covering them it will start looking more real life. People will be totally impressed with your work and how real it looks.
  18. You may have some Roseberry bush left over and that is ok.
  19. Take the two leaves you have left and stick one on the right side and the other on the left side helping add the finish touches to your Christmas table arrangement. 
  20. Take the two cardinals and find the clips on them. You can just clip them to a sturdy piece of greenery or bow.
  21. Play around with the placement putting them together or in separate places. It is really up to you. You can even not add them but I promise when you add these two cardinals to your sled really makes for the perfect final pieces 
homemade Christmas sled centerpiece with berry stems and greenery

How to Make the Bow for Christmas Table Arrangement

Supplies Need to make your bow:

  • Cable Tie
  • Floral Pin
  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  1. Making a 3 loop bow you need one tail super long.
  2. Measure your ribbon about 3 lengths of your hand.
  3. Now take and twist and that will be the center of your loop.
  4. Repeat the making loops about the size of your hands. You will make 3 loops total. No need to twist. Position all your loops up.
  5. Holding pressure between your two fingers.
  6. Take your cable tie and tighten it over the center of your bow.
  7. Now slide your floral pin into the back and tighten your cable tie as tight as you can.
  8. Remember to cut off the excess of your cable tie with your wire cutters

This quick and fast sled toboggan project makes crafting your next Christmas table arrangement simple and oh so fun!

Christmas sled centerpiece with holly stems and cardinal

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