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Decorate for Halloween with this DIY Spider Basket

September 17, 2020 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Halloween

I love creating cute little craft projects with my daughter. This spider basket is perfect for a Halloween Craft to do at home with your family. Check out our shop and find your next at home project to create!

handmade spider basket made out of foam attachments and candy corn picks

Supplies Needed for Spider Basket

Tools Needed for Spider Basket Art Kit

  • Wire Cutters
  • Hot Glue

How to Make a Spider Halloween Basket

  1. Start by taking black garland and cover up your foam you will be using for your spider.
  2. Fluff your garland and spread it out. Take it in your hand and start making a U form.
  3. Push that garland down in the spider basket.
  4. Grab your little piece of foam and place in your glue pot and cover a nice layer of hot glue on the bottom of your floral foam.
  5. Secure it down on the garland
  6. Use floral pins and hold it on from the underneath of your spider basket.
  7. Grab your polka dotted picks. Trim the stems down
  8. Dip them in glue before pushing them in the foam. You can do this without glue but glue makes it permanent.
  9. Now place them in your foam piece and just spread them out around the basket edge.
  10. Your main curl pick is what you will place next. Cut the stem down to about 1-2 inch so it is not too tall.
  11. Place this stem right in the center to come out over and out over the spider’s head.
  12. Pull off the glue strings you see now so you do not miss them later!
  13. Take your ball pick and cut it into two pieces.
  14. Space out the balls and put them both towards the back of the foam piece. Push these a little lower than your other picks.
  15. Take the hat pick and cut about an inch off the stem. Push the stem into the head and put it in at an angel. It is adorable off to the side.
  16. Last add in some candy corn picks to the side.
  17. Now take a look over your basket. You can push your black garland down to cover the foam piece to cover any green foam you may be seeing.
diy spider craft made with a metal basket and craft supplies

How simple was that! What did you name your spider? Be sure to share with us in the comments.


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