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Candy Snowman Door Hanger

November 16, 2023 | Christmas, DIY Seasonal Decor, Door Hangers

Ever thought about decking your doors with something beyond the usual wreaths? This candy snowman door hanger is the perfect easy DIY craft project for that.

It’s a whimsical, delightful way to welcome the chilly season, and trust me, it’s as fun to create as it is to look at! But what truly makes it special is that you can let your imagination run wild and personalize it to suit your taste and style.

Candy Snowman Door Hanger

Creating this candy snowman door hanger isn’t just about putting together a festive piece; it’s a sweet escape into the world of DIY crafting. I mean, who doesn’t love a project that involves both creativity and Christmas? The best part? No two snowmen need to look alike!

Get as creative as you want – after all, it’s your candy canvas! This DIY adventure is the perfect activity to do solo or with the family, allowing everyone to add their personal touch. 

As the winter wonderland outside begins to frost over, your door becomes a beacon of warmth and cheer with this festive door hanger.

The satisfaction of seeing your creation hanging proudly on your front door, greeting guests with a sweet welcome, is immeasurable. Plus, it’s not just a one-time adornment! This adorable snowman can be easily refreshed or even made anew with different stems, ensuring your door is always drenched in a new sprinkle of festive fun all winter.

Even the simplest of things – like snowmen and glue – can transform into something magical. So, whether you’re looking for a new family activity or just a charming way to add some sweetness to your home, this DIY candy themed Snowman door hanger is a winner. 


  • Snowman Base

  • Lollipop Stem

  • Candy Cane Stem


  • Start by prepping your Snowman Base by cutting off and removing the snowman’s scarf, as well as the piece of pine from the snowman’s hat. 
  • Lay your lollipop across the snowman, to begin building a collage of pieces. 
  • Break down the candy cane into two pieces, one single piece and one piece with 2 swirls. Uncurl the single piece and reroll it into a candy shape, stopping half way and cutting off the excess. Do the same with the second piece. 
  • Place your candy shapes on the hat, stacking them and gluing them on. 
  • Trim the excess stem off the other piece of the candy cane stem, and tuck it behind the lollipop stem. 
  • When you have decided where your stems will go, grab your awl and poke 2 holes in the snowman base, one on either side of the stems. 
  • Thread the cable tie through the first hole, then back up through the second. 
  • Arrange your picks on the snowman, then close the cable tie around the stems. 
  • Glue your candies to the snowman, and your beautiful door hanger is finished! 


  • Change out the colors or elements to make the centerpiece your own. Add a different bow or stems. Use different greenery and florals. The best part of this centerpiece is that it’s so easily customizable! 
  • I love my glue skillet. I just melt hot glue sticks in a regular kitchen skillet, which allows me to just easily dip my stems into the glue rather than trying to get my glue where I need it with a glue gun. 
  • I added glue to some of my stems as I placed them into my centerpiece, but you can absolutely do a dry run. Just stick your stems into your centerpiece and you’re able to move them around until you’re happy with their placement. 

DIY Winter Door Decor Ideas

Creating DIY winter door decor is all about infusing warmth and charm into the season’s greetings, and what better way to do that than with a Candy Snowman Door Hanger! Sure, you know I LOVE wreaths, but why not sprinkle some sweetness and creativity into your winter decor?

This delightful candy creation not only adds a unique touch to your door but also brings a fun, festive vibe that radiates pure joy. Whether you’re looking for a playful family activity or simply a creative way to welcome the season, this festive door hanger offers a whimsical, deliciously unique alternative to traditional winter door decorations, proving that sometimes, the sweetest of crafts can also be the most charming and inviting.

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