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Ice Cream Cone Birthday Wreath

June 5, 2020 | Wreath Tutorials

This birthday wreath is delicious, ok not literally, but still, who wouldn’t love an ice cream cone and cupcake wreath? It screams birthday party!

You could even keep this up all summer!

DIY grapevine birthday wreath with cupcakes

How to Make an Ice Cream Cone Birthday Wreath

Tools Needed

  • Hot Glue
  • Wire cutters
  • EZ Bow Maker
  • Scissors

Supplies Needed for the Ice Cream Cone Grapevine Wreath

Step-By-Step: How to Make an Ice Cream Cone Wreath


Grab your EZ Bow Maker and let’s get started with the bow.

  1. Using the pink patterned 2.5″ wired ribbon, measure out a 16″ tail, inserting your ribbon into the EZ Bow Maker pegs.
  2. Measure out 6″ loops and twist the ribbon to keep the pretty facing outward. Make 2 loops on each side.
  3. Scrunch the ribbon down into the pegs to hold your bow in place.
  4. Cut that first spool off, leaving a 16″ tail on the opposite side.
  5. Using the solid pink 2.5″ ribbon, measure out about a 14″ tail.
  6. Measure out 6″ loops and twist the ribbon to keep the pretty facing outward. Make 1 loop on each side, keeping those loops at the center so it sits in between the loops from the first layer.
  7. Using the pink patterned 1.5″ wired ribbon, measure out a 12″ tail, inserting your ribbon into the EZ Bow Maker pegs.
  8. Measure out 5.5″ loops and twist the ribbon to keep the pretty facing outward. Make 2 loops on each side, following the same layer as step #2.
  9. Last layer, use the 1.5″ solid pink ribbon. Measure out a 10″ tail, creating (1) 5″ loop on each side.
  10. Zip tie it together but do not tighten the zip tie all the way. Fluff out your bow before you tighten it all the way. 
  11. You do not want to forget to give the tails of your bow some attention. Roll the bottom of the ribbon tails toward the center of the bow.
  12. Grab some extra pink ribbon and fold it up to hide your zip tie in the middle of the bow.
  13. Place your beautiful bow on the bottom left of your 14-inch grapevine wreath, using another zip tie.


Now grab your pink flare pieces or whatever you have around to help give some personal touch to your wreath.

  1. Start by placing two to three pieces of these flare pieces at the top of the wreath and at the bottom as close as the bow as you can place it. You may also add some of these pieces behind your bow to soften it up. 
  2. Dip the picks into your hot glue to secure the picks into the grapevine.

Now you are ready to add in your ice cream cone pieces. These will be the focal point of your wreath.

  1. Start by placing one ice cream cone behind your bow.
  2. You will want to dip the stem of the ice cream cone in your hot glue before placing it in the wreath.
  3. Once you have it placed and secure give it a little tug towards you. This will help your ice cream cones pop!
  4. Next, take your 2 pink ice cream cones and separate them from the main stem. Just give them a good tug and they should pop right off of that strand.
  5. Now you will want to trim the stem down a bit as this will help your ice cream cones from being too tall for this wreath. 
  6. Dip the bottom of the stems in hot glue and place one on the bottom right side of your wreath and the other one slightly above the bow on the left side. 
  7. Repeat the same steps with your cupcake pieces.


Once all the cupcakes and ice cream cones are secured you’ll use some filler floral pieces to soften up the wreath design. Choose pieces that help keep your wreath simple and let the ice cream cones do the talking!

A little tip is to be sure you fluff your filler pieces before placing them in. These floral stems will fill empty space and help bring some fun as well!

birthday wreath with cupcakes and ice cream cones

Remember there is no right or wrong to where you place your filler pieces. Have fun, be creative!

You can even add rainbow stems for a little extra fun. Just place them in any bare spots you can find around the wreath. The sparkles in these pieces are what helps make this wreath awesome. A little tip before placing them in your wreath is to trim the stems down so they aren’t too long causing them to stick too far off the wreath.

Now step back and admire this fabulous birthday wreath you have accomplished! 


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