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This yellow daisy wreath video tutorial will surely help get you out of your comfort zone and have so much fun freestyling when it comes to making a beautiful spring wreath. I love freestyling and you can too!

Once you start freestyling your wreaths the possibilities are endless. You can start making wreaths to gift to a friend or even sell! With very few supplies needed and only using yellow daisies and eucalyptus greenery, this wreath is truly simple. In just under an hour you will have a completed wreath! I hope to inspire you to create something beautiful as you craft alongside me making this yellow daisy wreath.

yellow daisy wreath on a stressed door

Yellow Daisy Wreath

Making a wreath freestyle is just so much fun, trust me on that! I love taking beautiful floral and greenery pieces and adding them to any size grapevine wreath form. I love it because I get to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of life and just create. Just me and all the things in my craft room!

Freestyling is not as hard as you think. First, it may seem a bit scary, but the most important thing to remember when making a wreath freestyling is to just have fun with it!

When making this wreath I first started by making a decision of where I was going to hang it. Knowing exactly what you wish to do with your finished wreath really helps you start creating. For this wreath, I am using lots of yellow. I mean LOTS of yellow! I know the perfect place for this yellow daisy wreath and it is my front door! The bright yellow daisies will just pop on my front door and will really help this wreath be seen from the road as people drive by making this the perfect wreath for my front door this spring. Think about where you could hang this yellow floral design or whatever color floral pieces you choose!

Once you know where you want to put your wreath it really helps you better visualize where you want to place your greenery and floral picks. Since this wreath is going on a front door I want to make sure I have plenty of dimension and texture which is why I choose to make the bow the way I did. The bow on this wreath really helps add that dimension this wreath needed.

As you watch me put this wreath together I hope to get your creative juices flowing to make your own yellow daisy wreath or another color combination that will match your own front door. This wreath would also be a perfect gift to give to a friend. Being able to freestyle allows you to be more creative and give the special people in your life a personalized gift by making a wreath to match their front door or even favorite team colors!

Watch this yellow daisy wreath tutorial and see just how easy it is to freestyle and make something fabulous today!



  • Prep and place Greenery by trimming the Eucalyptus bush into smaller pieces and adding the greenery pieces by dipping the ends into the hot glue pot and placing around the wreath from the top to the bottom left making your outline.
  • Add the yellow daisy floral picks starting in the top center. Place moss around the stems where the glue pushed through to help the flower stick up nice and tall if needed.
  • Make your bow by using the 2-1-2-1-2 recipe securing it with a zip tie and fluffing the loops once done.
  • Attach bow on the right side of your wreath using floral wire
  • Place more floral pieces to your wreath filling all the empty spaces you see
  • Lastly add in your pop of color by placing your butterfly floral picks along the bottom of your wreath.

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