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Summer Sunflower Twig Wreath

July 13, 2021 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Popular, Summer, Wreath Tutorials

Making new wreaths for my front door brings me so much joy. This summer I wanted to make the perfect summer wreath that would pop on my front door as well as make me smile. The yellow in sunflowers pop as well as make me smile and make for a fun summer wreath. If you are looking for a new wreath to add to your summer decor then you are going to love this summer sunflower twig wreath tutorial. Follow along as I teach you how to make your very.

Summer Sunflower Twig Wreath

Sunflowers wreaths are a great way to add some fun summer decor to your front door. I think they are just as fun as my summertime flip flop wreath. I love a wreath that has sunflowers on it because they are bright and bring a smile to my face every time I see them. I remember loving as a child seeing fields of sunflowers and being so excited each year they bloomed. This is why I just love bringing sunflower wreaths to my front door! If you are ready to learn how to make your own summer sunflower twig wreath then be sure to watch this tutorial.

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to place greenery, add in long-stemmed florals as well as teach how to tie a bow to add to your wreaths. To make your wreath look full and stunning you want to incorporate lots of different greenery pieces. In this tutorial, you will see exactly how to do that and make your wreath look full and complete from any place it is hung!

sunflower twig wreath with wispy ends

If you are looking for more tips when it comes to making a wreath for your own personal shop to sell or add a new wreath for your summer decor then you are in the right place! Be sure to check out other tutorials as well as my design school where I teach you how to confidently create floral designs!

As always just remember to have fun with flowers and check back soon for new videos and step by step instructions.


  • Start by prepping your greenery. You want to grab your greenery, which is pretty on both sides of the leaves and trim from main bundles leaving length to work with. 
    Be sure to have your filler flower bush, that will accentuate with your major flower selected.
    Grab a major flower, 4-5” flower head to pop on your wreath. Select ribbons to support your design style. 
  • Grab your 2 different ribbons and your bow maker. Determine which ribbon you want to dominate the color in your bow. Since I want the sunflower ribbons to stand out most, I will begin with that first on my bow maker. Creating a 16” tail, place the ribbon in your bow maker in the center, and then twist.
    Bring one hand forward with ribbon and one hand back down, creating 5 ½” loops on both sides.
    Remember to twist your ribbon and pull as you build the base of your bow. 
    We will have 2 loops on each side, fluffing as you go. (4 loops in all)
  • Trim to have 2 even tails with opposite angles for your cuts on each end. Grab your next ribbon to add the next layer, cutting the tail length a bit shorter. Be sure to cut at the same angle as your first ribbon to maintain a cohesive look. Make your next loops repeating the steps from before, with the lengths this time about 5”. This layer will have just 2 loops in all, 1 on each side.
  • Grab a zip tie, and secure in the center of your ribbon. Fluff your ribbons on the bow. Slide a 2nd zip tie inside to help attach to your wreath with ease. Trim excess from the 1st zip tie used. To complete your bow, cut a strip of your 1st ribbon. Fold it on its sides to create the most appealing look for the center of your bow. Tie it securely with a knot directly over your zip tie to hide it.
  • Bring your wreath back over. Grab your greenery and florals. Layout your greenery to begin, to give you an idea of placement and overall look before committing. Cut off a few pieces from your greenery with wire cutters to start with from the main bundle. Repeat with your floral filler bush by fanning them out and play with positioning on your wreath. Eyeball where you will add your bow to visualize the final look. 
  • Grab your hot glue pot and Spanish moss. Determine a starting point on your wreath and begin adding in your greenery. Pop greenery and floral ends into some hot glue as you work them securely to your wreath.
    Use some Spanish moss on top of your ends to cover the hot glue and create a finished, cohesive look.
    Weave your greenery and florals throughout as you rotate your wreath around as you go. 
    Be sure to add into your heavier section of the base, and not the perimeter of your angel vine wreath.
    Fan florals and greenery, pulling some vine up through your pieces to help add some dimension. 
    Fan and pull greenery to your liking.
  • Add your bow by attaching it to your wreath form by using the zip tie. Fluff your bow and give your bow tails some love once it is in place.
  • Lastly, add in your big flowers. Trim from your main bundle so you can easily add one stem at a time. Add a bend to the stem and use hot glue to secure it to your frame easily.
  • Pay attention to the flow of your wreath to keep your look cohesive. Use your Spanish moss to help hide any glue that may be showing.

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