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Star Door Hanger

May 20, 2021 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Door Hangers, Patriotic, Popular

Making your own star door hanger is simple when you have the right supplies on hand. Follow along with me as I teach you just how to take a red, white, and blue burlap star base and turn it into a stunning door hanger perfect for the summer months.

red, white, and blue themed door hanger with a flower, greenery, and bow

Star Door Hanger

This is a great tutorial for you if you are wanting to learn how to make your own door hanger. A door hanger is such a great way to welcome guest into your home. You may think that door hangers just change with the seasons but I am here to tell you they are not only for every season but also every occasion.

When you are done watching me make this star door hanger my hope is that you will be inspired and see exactly how you can turn all those cute bases I know you see while out browsing the craft stores into the perfect door hanger!

What you’ll learn about floral design:

In this door hanger tutorial I will teach how to place and add pieces to spruce up those store bought bases. I will focus on teaching you how to add greenery, florals, and even those fun sprays and picks. These pieces added just right really give those premade bases some extra love. Using a premade base really makes for an easy project and you can make it under 30 minutes with just a few supplies.

So next time you are out browsing those craft stores you know we all love you can now look for premade bases to make your own door hanger that your guest will love next time they stop by for a visit!

Follow along with me as I break it down easy for you to make your own door hanger. Go have fun with flowers and can’t wait to see what you create!



  • Prep your base by gluing a floral foam block to the center. Flip your base over and while the glue is still hot secure it with some floral pins to really make sure it holds in place.
  • Prepare your greenery pieces by separating your leaf pick into 3 pieces. Place your greenery by adding it to the sides of the foam block.
  • Add floral pick greenery leaves. You will be placing what you cute off the stem of floral pick. These really help fill up foam square
  • Add Red budding Eucalyptus stem layering them on top of the greenery you just placed.
  • Add Floral piece but placing the flower right in the top of the foam square.
  • Make the bow, securing it with a cable tie and attaching a floral pin on the back. Attach the bow by sticking the floral pin into the foam center.
  • Add moss curly picks to help add some texture and and height.
  • Lastly, add some Spanish moss all around the foam block to help cover up any you see showing through after you have finished.

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