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Simple Winter Wreath for the Whole Season

November 28, 2023 | DIY Seasonal Decor, Winter, Wreath Tutorials

 If you’re like me and find it a tad heartbreaking to bid farewell to the festive holiday decor, I’ve got just the thing to keep the seasonal charm alive. The Winter Twig Wreath! It’s the perfect transition piece, effortlessly carrying the spirit of the holidays into the serene beauty of winter. What’s even better? Crafting it is an absolute breeze. So, grab a hot cocoa, put on your coziest sweater, and let’s dive into a simple yet delightful DIY project. This wreath tutorial will have your home embracing the enchantment of winter in no time.

Simple Winter Wreath for the Whole Season

The beauty of this Winter Twig Wreath lies in its simplicity and versatility. Let your creative instincts guide you—there’s no need for perfection. The charm is in the imperfections, mirroring the organic beauty of winter branches. To add a touch of elegance, consider weaving in some white or silver accents. I like to use faux berries or delicate ribbons. This not only enhances the wintery vibe. It also transforms your humble twig wreath into a piece of effortless elegance that will captivate every eye.

As the holiday hustle fades, the Winter Twig Wreath seamlessly steps in as the perfect decor companion for the long winter nap of January and February. Its neutral tones and organic textures make it a timeless piece that can hang proudly on your door or adorn your interior spaces throughout the winter months. Add a hint of frost with a dusting of artificial snow or keep it au naturel—the choice is yours. This wreath is not just a seasonal decor item; it’s a celebration of the quiet beauty that winter brings, casting a cozy spell on your home that lasts well beyond the holidays.


  • Start by getting all your florals and greenery stems trimmed. First, I grabbed my Snow Ming Pine Spray and broke the greenery into 3 separate picks. I trimmed the long wire down to about 2” long, which is the perfect length to put my stems onto my wreath base. 
  • Begin laying out your cluster with your pine spray pieces. I wanted an overlap point in the middle, so I laid one piece going up and one piece going down. 
  • Add your Brown White Jute Chenille Stripe Spiral Curly Spray pointing up and then bend one of the curls to be facing the other direction. This will create some dimension. Cut this stem down to about 2” as well. 
  • Cut the stem off your White Poinsettia Pick, to about 3”, and place that on your cluster, facing toward the top. This will sit just above your bow on the wreath. 
  • Place your last piece of pine stem behind your poinsettia, and secure all the pieces together with a brown cable tie. This won’t show because it will blend into the wreath base.
  • Grab your Snow Drop Frizzette Edge on Burlap Ribbon and create a simple hand bow. Begin with about a 6” tail, then  hold your ribbon tightly and create a twist by twisting your right hand backward and your left hand forward. Hold that twist between your thumb and forefinger. 
  • Create your first loop, as big as you’d like it. I decided to make mine about 5”. When your loop is created, twist your ribbon like you did earlier, then hold that loop with your same thumb and forefinger. 
  • Repeat these steps to create 3 more loops, one symmetrical to your first, then another pair in front of the first. You’ll end up with 4 loops. 
  • Grab a cable tie and secure it around the middle of your bow. Secure it tight and pull it to the back of your bow.
  •  Cut your second tail. I cut mine to 6”, to match the first. 
  • Using your leftover piece of ribbon, create a 3rd tail and secure it to your bow with another cable tie. 
  • Attach your bow to your cluster with another cable tie. Hot glue a couple small pieces of leftover greenery to the cable tie in the middle of the bow for a fun touch. 
  • Attach your cluster to your wreath base with another cable tie and your wreath is done! 


  • I love this wreath because it is so versatile. You could use the same base through the seasons and add different seasonal clusters for a fun look! 
  • Mix and match your wreath base and cluster. Make it your own! Add some Christmas embellishments or other colors for a fun look that is your personality! 
  • I use a regular kitchen skillet to melt my glue sticks. This allows me to dip my stems into the glue and place them in my wreath easily. I definitely recommend this if you are making a lot of wreaths. 

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How Can I Transition from Holiday Decor to Winter Decor?

As you bid farewell to tinsel and ornaments, embrace the simplicity of nature by crafting this rustic masterpiece. The twig wreath base offers a subtle nod to the winter landscape without the overt festivity of the holidays. You’re essentially inviting the calm beauty of winter to linger a bit longer in your decor. Plus, the neutral tones of the twig wreath create a seamless transition, allowing you to keep that cozy, festive feeling alive without the need for a complete decor overhaul. It’s the perfect way to extend the joy of the season while embracing the serene charm of winter in a refreshingly effortless manner.

Ideas for Adding Elegance to a Twig Wreath with Winter Accents

Adding a touch of elegance to your Winter Twig Wreath is a breeze! Once you’ve got your twig wreath base, consider weaving in delicate winter accents like faux berries, pinecones, or even a hint of shimmering ribbon. These subtle additions bring a touch of sophistication, transforming your rustic twig wreath into a graceful winter centerpiece. Experiment with a light dusting of artificial snow for a frosty allure, or opt for metallic accents to catch the winter sunlight. The key is to keep it simple yet refined, letting the natural charm of the twigs shine while the winter accents add that perfect touch of festive glamour.


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