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Make Your Own Rustic Christmas Swag

November 18, 2020 | Christmas, DIY Seasonal Decor, Floral Designs Tutorials

Looking for a new tree topper or Christmas decor to hang on your front door? Then you are in the right place! With just a few simple supplies and tools you can make your own rustic Christmas Swag in little to no time.

Christmas swag on a farm door

How To Make Your Own Rustic Christmas Swag

Grab your 18-gauge wire wreath hanger, tools, and follow my how to steps below and let your creativity show in your design! The ribbon in this design is currently sold out, but you can beautiful alternatives in my shop.

Rustic Christmas Swag Kit Includes:

Tools Needed


  1. Grab your bow maker and your Christmas wired ribbon. Take the edge of the ribbon and measure it against the side of the bow maker, then snip the edge at an angle. Put the ribbon in between the wood dowels and make a 7-inch loop and twist. Repeat on the other side. Do one more 7-inch loop on both sides and cut about a 12-inch tail, and snip at an angle.
  2. Keep going with your bow maker to make a 2-1 bow. Secure the ribbon back into the bow maker on top of the previous one. Make a 6-inch loop and twist, then repeat on the other side. Clip the ribbon again at an angle so your tails are a bit shorter than before. Place your cable tie right beside the dowel, and with your finger on top, gently pull it up to secure the bow together. Fluff your loops so they are nice and full!
  3. Place another cable tie through the loop so you can use it to attach the bow to your swag. Cinch it tight and clip the ends. Finish off your bow by cutting about a 6-inch piece of ribbon, half the width of the spool. Twist the middle and tie it around your bow to hide those cable ties. Tie off in the back and clip your extra ribbon. Use your fingers to twist the ends of the ribbon up and add some curl.
  4. Let’s do another bow! Grab your bow maker and a spool of ribbon. Snip the end of your 8-inch tail at an angle and secure it through the middle. Make a 6-inch loop on both sides, twisting in the middle. Repeat again with 2 more 6-inch loops and snip your 8-inch tail at an angle. One tail will be up and one will be down.
  5. Start with a new 8 inch tail towards the top of the bowmaker. Make a 5-inch loop on both sides, twisting in the middle. This time your tail will be facing down and go ahead and snip the edge at an angle. Grab a cable tie to secure the middle of the bow. Before you cinch it tight, add that cable tie through the back so you can attach it later.
  6. Just like with your first bow, cut a small piece that is half the width of the ribbon, twist it, and tie it around the middle to hide that cable tie. Your second bow is now complete!
  7. Grab your cedar swag and find the top to add your hanger. Grab your 18 gauge wire, find a few branches to grab, and secure your hanger on to them in the back. Make a loop and secure the other side of the wire. Now your hanger is ready to go!
  8. Fluff your cedar swag to make the branches full before we start. Go ahead and get your bow with the longer tails and place it a few inches below the top of your greenery. Use your cable tie to secure it in there.
  9. Grab your berry swag and use your wire cutters to cut it into a few sections. Take the top pinecones off from your cedar swag by untwisting the wire so it’s a bit more flat up there. Use a cable tie to place your berry piece above the bow. Snip a green leaf from your berry swag and dip it in the hot glue. Place it near the top of the bow.
  10. Trim a stem of berries from your swag with your wire cutters. Place it in just above the bow and secure it with a cable tie through the back. Take another piece of your berry stem and attach it underneath the bow with a cable tie. Cut the excess off with your wire cutters.
  11. Let’s add some more ribbon to our swag. Cut a piece of your wire ribbon about 18 inches long and use your fingers to curl up the ribbon from the ends. Take the center of your ribbon and tie it in just behind your bow with a cable tie. Add a bump or rollercoaster ribbon up towards the left side and top of your cedar swag. Secure the middle of your ribbon bumps with cable ties. Curl the ends of your ribbon with your fingers and add a little hot glue underneath to keep it from flopping out.
  12. Cover up any cable ties that are showing by gluing some greenery on top of it. Check if anything needs adjusting or an extra cable tie to secure things down. Enjoy your traditional Christmas Swag!

There you have a simple and easy way to make your own rustic Christmas swag!


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